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Promark Preferred has "combined" the global travel industry with the international real estate industry to
offer the Best of Both Worlds. So whether you want to book a hotel or other accommodations solely for a
vacation or as a base to scout properties with a specialist for investing / relocating, we have you covered.

Promark Preferred is a "Specialists Only" site. All agents must be specialists to be listed by our company.
We feature two specialist network directories on this site: a Preferred Agent Directory (P.A.D.) for Specialist Real Estate Agents and a Global Incentives Travel Agent (G.I.T.A.) Directory for Specialist Travel Agents.

We are one of the first "agent network / directory sites" to list and market specialist real estate agents in the
international real estate industry on the same website as specialist travel agents in the global travel industry.

  • Promark Preferred offers a faster, easier and better way to find and connect with home-based specialist travel agents and / or specialist real estate agents in different areas, cities and countries worldwide.

  • We encourage all specialist real estate agents to refer friends, relatives, associates, clients, and social
    media followers to specialist travel agents listed in our Global Incentives Travel Agent (G.I.T.A.) Directory.

  • We encourage all home-based specialist travel agents to refer friends, relatives, associates, clients and social media followers to the specialist real estate agents listed in our (P.A.D.) Preferred Agent Directory.

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                TRAVEL AGENT (G.I.T.A.) DIRECTORY

Our "Global Incentives Travel Agent Directory" features home-based travel agents who specialize in different
areas of the global travel industry and work for independent local, national, or international travel companies.

Travel agents can benefit from enquiries and referrals made to them by real estate agents and brokers, as well
as by other professionals and their spheres of influence, as a result of being listed in our G.I.T.A. Directory.

The specialist travel agents / advisors listed in our directory are familiar with specific geographical areas and offer "personalized priority" service. We highlight their destination specialties and travel category specialties.

Choose a home-based travel agent by their Destination Specialties:

Canada or specific provinces, the USA or specific states, Mexico or specific areas, Central America or specific
countries, the Caribbean or specific islands, Europe or specific countries, South America or specific countries,
Australia or specific cities, Thailand or specific provinces, Global areas, specific countries, cities, islands, etc.

Choose a home-based travel agent by the Travel Categories they Specialize in:

Vacation Travel, All Inclusive Travel, Business Travel, Global Travel, Family Vacations, Disney Vacations,
Corporate Travel, Cruises, Destination Weddings, Groups, Honeymoons, Adventure Vacations,
Beach Vacations, Scuba,
Golf Vacations, Luxury Travel, European Culture or Escorted Tours, etc.

All approved home-based travel agents will be alphabetically listed in our G.I.T.A. Directory which will include:
Your Name, Area / City Location,
Your Travel Company's Name, A Photo of You, Your Destination Specialties,
Your Travel Category Specialties, Your Phone Number, Your Email Address, Your Website or Company's URL.

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      Search for specialist travel
      agents based on their areas
      of expertise and specialties,
      or where they are located.

Conveniently contact any of the
specialist travel agents directly
by email, by text, or by phone,
for personalized priority service.


Congratulations! You have chosen
to use a specialist travel agent to
book your business trip or vacation.
Now relax and get ready to travel.

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