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and sellers who are considering relocating to a different area, city or country.

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Living and Investing Overseas, Commercial
& Residential Mortgage Rate Comparisons,
Global House Sit Matches, Agent Supplies,

Home Decor,
Shipping Containers for Sale or
Rent Worldwide - 20 or 40 Foot - New & Used.


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                   International Real Estate Industry!"


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Different Levels of Real Estate Experience

All agents must have non-resident buyer / relocation experience.
We only list and profile three agents per geo service area / level.

* City to City Relocations
* Foreign Property Investments
* 2nd Home/Vacation Properties
* Income Rental Properties

* International Relocations
* Canada/USA Home Buyers
* Mexico or Central America
* The Caribbean or Europe

 Market Focus: We will differentiate you from your local competition by emphasizing your
  past experience helping Canadians, foreign property investors and / or relocation home buyers.
  Many international buyers choose an agent
based solely on the content of their bio / profile.





Worldclass Real Estate Professionals


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