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10 Steps to build your Specialist Real Estate Agent Profile
for "Targeted
Marketing" on our "Specialists Only" Site:

The most effective way to "Build Your Personal Brand" and connect with more potential clients is to describe your areas of
expertise (specialties) and experience as shown on our
Agent Checklist. A well designed bio / profile can attract new clients
and make you stand out from the other agents in your area. You are letting people know that you are a real person and more
than just another real estate agent. Don't have a "run-of-the-mill" (or no) profile, have an outstanding one that gets results!

Step 1: Define your Professional Experience in a Profile Listing on our Site

A well-rounded profile should include your bio,
previous business background, your real estate experience, skills, specialties,
agent expertise, achievements, education (certificates, degrees, diplomas, classes taken, etc.) and any awards you received.
All of your "credentials" are important and need to be on your bio profile. Buyers and sellers, especially those relocating from
another area, city or country want to know who they will be working with to find the right property. You should list all of the key
points you want to include, especially those that will "set you apart" from your local competition.
Do not forget to include any
community achievements and enough personal background that will enable you to connect with potential buyers and sellers.

You can also list your real estate statistics, your company's industry ranking and statistics or your area's real estate statistics.

Step 2: Consider Adding a Personal Touch. Introduce yourself on our Site

This helps your potential clients to see you as a real person rather than a real estate agent. People may contact you simply
because you have something in common with them. Your bio profile is extremely important to people who have never met
you so this is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to them and build trust.
We suggest adding background information
that can include your current interests, causes and personal life outside of work. Do not overlook the persuasive power of
your biography to help build on your personal band and connect with potential clients. A strong bio profile can attract new
clients and lay the groundwork to build interpersonal relationships.
Ask other people what they look for in an agent profile.


Step 3: Focus on your Areas of Expertise with a Specialist Branded Profile

This is where to expand on your
property buyer / investor / relocation experience. You need to stand out as
a preferred real estate specialist in your geographical service area. Your real estate experience could include mentioning
which areas, cities or countries your buyers were from and how you helped them find their property. You can also state
your clients appreciation of your experience / guidance as well as what information / documentation you are
familiar with.

A specialist branded profile will differentiate you from the other real estate agents in your geographical service area.
Choose multiple specialities to include in your profile listing. We'll create your "Specialist Profile Listing" for our site.

* Review the different areas of expertise (specialities) by clicking on the image shown below:

Step 4: Research the other Agents in your Local Area. Do they Stand Out?

Check out what other agents bio profiles in your area look like before you start writing your own. Start by taking a good look
at the Bios or About Us profiles that the other agents in your office have and then review the ones that other agents in your
service area have on their sites. Now pretend you are a potential client living in another city or country. Which real estate
agent would you choose based solely on their bio profile? This will give you an idea of what works and allow you to develop
your own technique and style. Find a bio profile that you feel is one of the best and use it to start an outline for your own new
bio profile, just be sure to change it to reflect your own unique specialist branding.
Most non-resident buyers compare agent
profiles, so take yours to the next level with a more informative bio profile that makes you stand out from local competitors.

Let potential clients know that you belong to an International "Specialists Only" Network of skilled real estate agents. Place
our free
"Specialists Only" Network Banner on your website and other marketing to increase your professional credibility.


 Step 5: Testimonials (your References) are Important to Potential Clients

When you are doing your bio profile research of what information other agents
in your geographical service area include in
their Bio or About Us page, make a note of how many of them show testimonials on their site. It may surprise you to know
that testimonials are regarded as one of the most important items "left off" an agent's bio profile. These are your personal
endorsements. They act in the same way as business references do and need to be shared with potential clients.

If you don't have testimonials it should be easy to obtain them from a variety of past clients and business associate sources.
We highly recommend including Testimonials in your new international bio profile listing on our Promark Preferred site.

What about business reviews, endorsements and press releases? We know that using any one or all of these can boost your
credibility to potential new clients. This is especially true for agents who want to attract clients from another city or country.


Step 6: Describe your Geographical Service Area as a Preferred Specialist

Buyers are looking for a local area specialist and want someone who knows their area better than anyone else. Be sure to
include some information about where you have lived and how long you have been an agent there. You want to demonstrate
your knowledge of the area or areas that you service! If you are new to the region you should mention why you moved there
and everything you love about it. Describe the local amenities and conveniences. This can include parks, schools, shopping,
transportation services, business and job opportunities, the local climate, things to see and do, etc. Always personalize their
specific requirements. This is an excellent way to build client trust as they will need your guidance in finding the right home.

Promark Preferred will automatically market you worldwide once your new bio profile is listed on our website. We will be listing, profiling, marketing, and referring you as a specialist branded agent for your geographical service area. We also
have different size Geo Targeted Kickstart Packages that can direct website traffic from potential clients located across
Canada, the USA, the UK or Worldwide directly to your new bio / profile on our site.

Step 7: Your Bio / Specialist Profile Listing should not be an Advertisement

You want to project yourself as a specialist real estate agent, not come off as an advertisement that will turn potential clients
away. Whether they are relocating from another area, city or country or they are property investors seeking a knowledgeable
agent, concentrate on selling yourself and your experience. Clients need to see that you are focused on their satisfaction and
interests rather than on your own business goals. Your bio should show how qualified you are, but ultimately it should reveal
you as a hard-working person that can relate to their wants and needs. Forget hard sell advertising and be down to earth.

Promark Preferred will only list, market and refer a maximum of "3" real estate agents per geographical service area / level
worldwide and we include a
Results Guarantee.


Step 8: Take the Time to Make Everything Stand Out in a New Profile Listing

Writing your own bio profile isn't something you do in a few minutes. It can be intimidating to get started but the end result
will be well worth the time and commitment to make it the best. Do not get overwhelmed by trying for absolute perfection
on the first go, instead just begin writing! Start with a basic outline of what you actually want to cover in your new bio profile
and focus on getting the words down first. Try writing a list of the must have points you want included. You can revise and
rewrite it as many times as you feel it takes to make it perfect. Get it right and you will be one huge step towards more clients.

Five Star Service is Preferred: Responsive, Helpful, Knowledgeable, Personable and Professional.


Step 9: Proofread and Review your Bio / Specialist Profile / Testimonials

Your bio profile is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the type of professional you are. You should clearly define whether
you want to be everything to everyone, as most real estate agents do, or if you want to stand out as a specialist real estate
agent. Keep your wording on track and promote the traits that make you a potential client's first choice. You want to turn that
first client email enquiry or phone call into a future sale. Once you think your bio profile is perfect follow these three steps:
Take a 12 to 24 hour break so you can review it with a fresh mind, read every word out loud to yourself, and finally have a
trusted friend, family member or colleague read it and give you feedback. Different perspectives can change your approach.

Step 10: Consider Adding Incentive Offers to your Bio / Specialist Profile

Consider extending one or more Incentive Offers (see links below)
to potential clients that see your profile listing on our site. This could be for a specific dollar amount off their moving or legal expenses or off a home inspection. You could also offer a gift card for a home decor outlet or other store. Consider offering an Incentive Travel Option for buyers moving to your area.

You can list one or more (or none) Incentive Options (ads) to display on your L2, L3, L4, L5, L6 or L7 Profile Listing page.
Incentives to advertise as special offers on a full page Profile Listing can include:
"Incentive Travel Options" for potential
national and international clients and / or
Product and Services" Incentive Options for all potential home buyers / sellers.

Whatever you choose to do, you need to start by selecting one of our seven Profile Listings to display your international
profile on our site. Each one of our seven Profile Listings varies by size (the number of words allowed) and by marketing
benefits, so you can order the one that works best for you. Having a specialist focused bio profile will be a great asset to
help you acquire more potential clients, before you even meet them, placing you another step ahead of your competitors.

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