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Q.) What are the biggest problems facing real estate agents in every country?
Most real estate agents in small, local real estate companies will "struggle to be found" based on name recognition while agents in larger national and international companies "struggle to stand out" from the agents in their company. We start by reducing your competition, then market and refer you as a specialist worldwide.

Q.) How do you reduce the number of agents I compete with in my area so I get selected by buyers?
A.) Promark Preferred will only list and promote a maximum of "three" real estate agents per geographical
service area and listing level.
We do not list, profile, market and refer "any and all" real estate agents like
other marketing companies.
This gives you a huge advantage! All agents listed on this site were carefully selected (or asked us to be shortlisted) from well-known international or regional real estate organizations.

Q.) Do I need any designations to be listed, profiled, marketed and referred by Promark Preferred?
All agents must have worked with non-resident
property buyers before and have relocation experience.
You are able to provide expert advice and guidance as it pertains to national and international buyers who
purchase property in your service area. Designations are beneficial but not mandatory: Certified International
Property Specialist designation (C.I.P.S.), Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist certification (R.S.P.S.).

Q.) Who is Promark Preferred and what other fees are involved?
Promark Preferred is a "specialists only" company focused on marketing real estate professionals globally.
We have No high-pressure sales calls, No account setup fees, No monthly fees, No hidden fees and there are
No referral fees to our company.
(Agents can refer clients to other real estate agents and charge referral fees.)
We offer low cost 24 month, 36 month and 48 month full page profile listings to experienced real estate agents.

Q.) I have specialist experience but how does that affect my business with local buyers and sellers?
It will add another level of expertise to your profile and increase your marketability. Talking about what you
specialize in will not disqualify you from working other areas.
This is in addition to being capable of doing what
most other agents can do! Show your skill range by describing some of your specialist real estate knowledge.
We will create a bio /
profile on our site to define your specialties. Differentiating yourself is how you stand out.

Q.) Do home buyers searching this site contact me on a direct basis or do they go through you first?
All potential home buyers searching this website for an agent that is listed on the Promark Preferred site
are asked to contact a preferred real estate agent "directly" for all property enquiries.
Did you know that 88%
of home buyers expect a response from their real estate agent within one hour? (NAR statistics).

Q.) Do potential buyers and sellers who visit your website pay any type of fee to Promark Preferred?
A.) No, this is a free service for all potential buyers and sellers who are looking for an experienced real estate professional.
The national average of agents who have international clients is only 23%. (NAR statistics).

Q.) What is the cost of an international profile listing which includes marketing on Promark Preferred?
You have your choice of seven different advertising options (based on availability) for your new profile.
They start at only $199 for a two year professional profile listing on our website. Consider the cost of using flyers, brochures or postcards for one direct mailing to calculate the value of our international marketing.

Q.) What are some of the ways you promote and market a real estate agent?
A.) We do Specialist Branding, Custom Full Page Bio / Profile Listings on our Site, Targeted International
Leads and Referrals, Optional Kickstart Packages, "Travel Accommodation" Incentive Options
(for your potential national
and international clients), "Product and Services" Incentive Options, Free Profile Listing Setup / Updates, Agent Photo Linking, Affiliate Site Advertising, Announcements on our Social Media,
Facebook and Twitter Links, and more. Click on the icons at bottom of this page for additional information.


* Five Star Service Required: Responsive, Helpful, Knowledgeable, Personable and Professional.

* Experience working with out-of-area or non-resident property buyers in the agent's service area.              

* Agent Areas of Expertise or Specialties are required for specialist branding / targeted marketing.

* Experience with buyers relocating from another area, city, or country to the agent's service area.

Designations and Certifications are beneficial but are not mandatory to indicate your specialities.

* Willing to compile a detailed Relocation or Investor Packet for buyers and companies on request.

* Reviews and
Testimonials are an agent's best references and are preferred on an agent's profile.

* Non-resident buyer, seller and investment experience for vacation properties plus second homes.

* Strong negotiation skills are very important along with at least two years of real estate experience.

* Must be interested in "expanding their business network" and doing referrals with different agents.


Yes, we offer our Results Guarantee (click on image) to Specialist real estate agents listed on our site.




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