Real Estate Agent Needed for your Area: (This is not a Mass Mailing)

Introduction to Promark Preferred


Hello and Welcome to Promark Preferred,

We are looking for a real estate agent for your geographical coverage area and after reviewing your website,
experience and social media, you met our "Agent Checklist" for who we consider to be a "Specialist" agent.

We need a real estate agent whose specialties include working with property buyers moving / relocating from
another area, city or country to the area you cover as well as sales of investment properties or second homes.

We want to list, profile, market, and refer you as the preferred "specialist agent to contact" for your local area.

We Only List "Three" Agents Per Geo Service Area / Level Worldwide

Promark Preferred
is a "Specialists Only" marketing company. No-one does what we do. We are disrupting the
agent marketplace and cross-marketing the international real estate industry with the global travel industry. We

will only list a maximum of "3" real estate agents per geographical service area / level worldwide and all agents
must meet our
Agent Checklist before we place (create) a specialist bio / profile listing on our site or refer them.

Stand Out From Other Local Agents With Our "Specialist Agent" Branding

We offer "seven different word size" bio / profile listings that include specialist agent branding, linking, targeted

international marketing and our results guarantee. Compare the marketing benefits, extra "bonus" features, as
well as the geo kickstart package available for each listing. All of our Profile Listings are featured on our site's
Preferred Agent Directory and we have no monthly fees, no setup fees, no referral fees, and no hidden fees.

Promark Hotels Global is a customized site that searches and compares "over 650,000 hotels" worldwide while
Promark Preferred has a Preferred Agent Directory for real estate agents, a "G.I.T.A. Division" for travel agents,
and is an affiliate of "Hotels Combined" and other comparison sites. We are constantly expanding our network.

Create Your Free Account

Due to this unpredictable Pandemic we are offering up to 47% off our Profile Listings. No strings attached.
All of our Profile Listings have been extended to 24 months (no monthly fees) with longer options available.
Use the "Promo Code" shown below and we will guarantee the limited time special price shown on our site
for the Profile Listing you choose as long as you place an order with us on or before December 31st, 2020.

1) The first step is to create your Free Preferred Account on Promark Preferred. No credit card required.

2) The second step is to review and choose one of our seven listings by going to our All Profile Listings page.

3) Now complete the Applicable Order Form shown for the Profile Listing you want and enter the Promo Code.

                                    Enter Promo Code: 4SPECIALISTS

We will "create and activate" your Profile Listing shortly after we receive the completed Order Form from you.
Send us an email if you have any questions.
We look forward to listing your specialist agent profile on our site.
If you decide not to proceed with our offer we would like to take this opportunity to wish you continued success.

Pro Support
Promark Preferred
The "Specialists Only" Network
The Best Choices Are Always Preferred.

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