Real Estate Agent Listing Information and Profile Branding Tips

 We will only list, profile, market and refer a maximum of
   "three" real estate agents per geo service area / level



Step One. Go to our Real Estate Agent Checklist page to review our Preferred Experience Requirements:

Step Two. Now review our Agent Bio / Profile Guide and decide what to use in your Specialist Profile Listing:

Step Three. To increase your credibility consider adding
Client Testimonials and Reviews on your Profile Listing: 

Step Four. Review our "Optional" Incentives and decide
if you want to place Incentive Ads on your Profile Listing:

Step Five. Review our "Specialists Only" Network Banner
(free) for placement on your website and other marketing:

Step Six. Review our "Optional" Geo Kickstart Packages
that funnel thousands of site visitors to your Profile Page:

Step Seven. Go to our "Quick Guide" to Review our Seven
Specialist Profile Listings / Benefits / Branding / Ordering:

          "Promark Preferred is an Overdue Concept for
                The International Real Estate Industry!"


Five Star Rating






Worldclass Real Estate Professionals


Revolving Globe


  All listed real estate agents must have non-resident buyer / relocation experience.
  We only list and profile three real estate agents per geo service area / level.

* City to City Relocations
* Foreign Property Investments
* 2nd Home/Vacation Properties
* Income Rental Properties

* International Relocations
* Canada/USA Home Buyers
* Mexico or Central America
* The Caribbean or Europe

 Marketing: We will differentiate you from your local competition. We promote your
 specialties and experience helping
out-of-area / relocation buyers purchase property
 in your area.
Many non-local buyers choose an agent
based solely on their bio / profile.





Worldclass Real Estate Professionals


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