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FEATURED COUNTRY: BELIZE                                              
Type of property listed: Resort Development                                         

BELIZE - FEATURED DEVELOPMENT                                    

Location: Belize                                                         

Type of Property: Resort Development                                       

Properties for Sale: Resort Units and Homes                              

Prices: Contact Developer Direct (Form Below)                          

Listing ID Number: BA110601                                        

Outside Agents Needed: Yes                                                       

Where Sought: Worldwide                                                           

Referral Commissions: Yes                                                          

For More Information: Contact Developer Direct                         

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ABOUT THE AREA                                                                   
General Information:                                                                                   

Belize is an English speaking country and is part of the British Commonwealth. Belize recognizes the Freehold
system of real estate ownership as opposed to Leasehold. This entitles buyers to hold title to or transfer freely,
property which is purchased and deeded to them. Contracts and financial transactions are presented and
conducted in English unless requested otherwise.

There is no capital gains tax and no estate tax anywhere in Belize. If you invest in a property that appreciates in
value that you sell at a later date for a gain, the Belize government does not tax your earnings. The Belize QRP
Qualified Retirement Program) is generous and allows retiree status as young as 45 years old.

Belize has a strong, growing economy. The expansion of the international airport in Belize City, the addition of
several major airlines, and the increase of current airline routes to Belize are excellent indicators of a a high
growth economy and a thriving tourist industry. This means economic security and strong property values.

A Unique blend of upscale amenities and old-world Belizean charm:  

Choose from cottages that range in size from 392 square feet to 1,240 square feet. Suites are available from
490 square feet to 630 square feet. Townhomes are available from 1,746 square feet to 2,364 square feet.
Family homes offer 2 to 4 bedrooms and are up to 2,160 square feet in size.

Amenities include a large pool, bar and poolside treatments plus access to an off-site beach club. There are
golf carts and electric as well as pedal bikes available to explore the property. There are also plenty of water
sports to choose from including diving, snorkeling, fly fishing, and paddle boarding.

This resort has over 200 cottage and villa-style rooms across a 60+ acre waterfront site with 10 dining outlets,
bay and beach clubs, and meeting and event spaces. Contact the Developer for more information.

Enquiries welcome from agents, brokers, home buyers and investors: 

Got questions? Contact the Property Developer's office / sales team or the Developer's designated agent(s)
"directly" regarding this property listing by completing the "Property Information Request Form" show below.


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