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Are you looking for Agents with Non-Resident Buyer / Investor Experience
and Relocation Experience?
Start your Property Search with a Specialist!


PROMARK PREFERRED Global Search Network was formed to make it easy
to find knowledgeable real estate agents who have non-resident buyer / investor
experience and relocation experience. We want preferred specialist agents with
"the right experience" that go beyond the standard level of service most agents
provide so we created a directory based on our international
Agent Checklist.

All of the real estate agents listed in our P.A.D. were carefully selected from well
known international or regional real estate organizations and
we will only list a
maximum of three preferred agents per geographical area and listing level.

We are always adding agents to our
Preferred Agent Directory and will appreciate
Recommendations  for real estate agents that should be listed on our website.


What are the Advantages of using Promark Preferred?

A "Specialists Only" Company:
We will only list, profile, market and refer a maximum
of three
specialist real estate agents per geographical service area / level worldwide.

Specific Experience: All listed agents must have worked with foreign property buyers
before or have experience with relocations from another area, city or country.

Specific Advice: All listed agents must be up-to-date on foreign buyer real estate
requirements and able to suggest other professional services buyers may need.

What is the Ultimate Goal for Promark Preferred?

PROMARK PREFERRED is a Canadian company that lists specialist real estate agents
for people who are interested in relocating from one city, state or province to another or
are buying property located in Canada, the U.S.A. or Internationally. Our goal is to have
a shortlisted network of preferred Canadian, U.S. and International Specialists to help
people who are relocating or want to invest in property located anywhere in the world.

We also combine two major industries, the global travel industry and the international
real estate industry, to offer you
The Best of Both Worlds. Review these two sites:
Promark Preferred
Promark Hotels. Whether you are moving out of your area or
looking for an investment property, a vacation property, second home, future
property or an income rental property
start your search with PROMARK PREFERRED.


Are there Hidden Fees, Memberships or Obligations?


  • There are no hidden fees of any kind involved from our company.
  • There are no memberships required now or at anytime in the future.
  • There is no obligation to ever purchase anything from our company.
  • For more information review our Privacy Policy on our Policies page.




Worldclass Real Estate Professionals


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