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"This Company Fills an Obvious Need
        in an Overcrowded Industry!"

Our #1 goal is to reduce your competition from the other
agents in your geographical service area and to simplify
the agent selection process for home buyers and sellers.

We offer Specialist Branding, Custom Full Page Profile
Listings on our Website, Targeted International Marketing, More Leads and Referrals, Optional Kickstart Packages,
Submissions to Other Directories, Agent Photo Linking,
Affiliate Site Advertising, Social Media Announcements,
Facebook and Twitter Links, Results Guarantee and More.

Plus Incentive Options for your Full Page Profile Listing:
Travel Accommodation Incentive Options (for potential
national and international clients), Product and Services
Incentive Options (for potential home buyers and sellers).

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Comparing Promark Preferred

No-one offers what we do. We limit the
number of agents per service area / level,
include a Results Guarantee,
International Marketing, Multiple Source
and optional Kickstart Packages.

Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies
Most "lead generation" companies supply
potential client leads to a large number of
agents who contact the same buyers and
sellers. These agents compete with all other
real estate agents who receive those leads.


Comparing Promark Preferred

We market agents to property buyers and
investors who prefer agents with national
and / or international relocation experience.

Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies

Most competing companies do not focus
on specific markets, client groups or on individual specialist real estate agents.


Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies
Promark Preferred is expanding globally
but will only list, profile, market and refer
a maximum of "three' specialist agents per
geographical service area / level worldwide.

Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies
Most lead generation companies and other
competing agent marketing companies focus
on signing any and all real estate agents, not
on marketing a limited number of specialists.

Comparing Promark Preferred

We specialize. We do not sell real estate websites or list thousands of properties
for sale by thousands of different agents.

Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies

Competing companies may sell costly agent websites, lead generation options and list an unlimited number of agents and properties.


Comparing Promark Preferred
We restrict the number of agents we will list on our site per geographical service area.
We will market and refer agents worldwide.
Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies

Competing companies want to obtain as
many real estate agents as possible and
may only market them locally or nationally.


Comparing Promark Preferred

All of the real estate specialists listed on our site "must" have foreign property investor experience or buyer relocation experience.

Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies

Most competing companies have no prior
specific experience stipulations other than
the required area real estate licensing.

Comparing Promark Preferred
Many buyers in other cities or countries look
for a "specialist" agent and choose an agent
based solely on their bio/profile and reviews.

Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies
Most competing marketing companies do
not differentiate agents based on specialties
and have higher cost agent marketing plans.


Comparing Promark Preferred

Promark Preferred only focuses on a select
number of real estate specialists enabling
them to "stand out" from their competitors.

Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies

Social media sites are popular but they list
millions of people and different companies.
Specialists get mixed in with everyone else.


Comparing Promark Preferred

We have 24, 36 and 48 month profile listings
plus a non-expiring listing, all with no setup
fees, no monthly fees or referral fees to us.

Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies

Most competing companies charge huge
monthly fees (some charge set-up fees as
well) and other associated upgrading fees.


Comparing Promark Preferred

All seven of our international profile listings
include targeted international marketing and
six listings include our Results Guarantee.

Comparing Promark Preferred to other companies
We are not aware of any competing company
in the international real estate industry that
offers what we do with a results guarantee.


"Promark Preferred is an Overdue Concept for the

             International Real Estate Industry!"                  

Once your new International Bio / Profile Listing is on our
site, we will do all stated marketing for that profile listing
and you do the follow-ups.
We sell you. You sell homes.


   Differentiate Yourself from other Realtors and STAND OUT from the pack!

Worldclass Real Estate Professionals


Spinning Globe


Different Levels of Real Estate Experience

All agents must have foreign investor or relocation experience!
We only list and profile three agents per service area / level for:

* City to City Relocations
* Foreign Property Investments
* 2nd Home/Vacation Properties
* Income Rental Properties

* International Relocations
* Canada/USA Home Buyers
* Mexico or Central America
* The Caribbean or Europe

 Market Focus: We will differentiate you from your local competition by emphasizing your
  past experience helping Canadians, foreign property investors and / or relocation home buyers.
  Many international buyers choose an agent
based solely on the content of their bio/profile.





Worldclass Real Estate Professionals


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