Use Specialist Real Estate Agents & Travel Agents for:

                        CORPORATE RELOCATIONS


Corporate Relocations

Corporate Moves
Employee Relocations

 Local, National or International: Changing Residences

A new job or job transfer ranks as the highest job-related reason for changing residences. Promark Preferred focuses on
listing highly qualified real estate agents and specialist travel agents / advisors that meet our specialist criteria.

It can be a corporate transfer, an executive move, or a self-employed entrepreneur relocating to a more densely populated
area. Your growing company may be opening a new office or business in a town or city hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Promark Preferred will only list, profile, market and refer "a maximum of three" preferred (specialist) real estate agents per
geographical service area / level worldwide.
All agents are from well known international or regional real estate organizations.

We research thousands of real estate agents. We check their websites as well as social media and focus on determining
their specialties, experience, reviewing their bio, professional accreditations, listings, testimonials and agent reviews.


Office relocations


Whether your company is moving one employee, a handful of employees or
hundreds of employees, a professional relocation requires a specialist agent.

Read our
Reviews and Testimonials
and see what we consider a qualified
specialist real estate agent by reviewing our international
Agent Checklist

Select other preferred specialists including travel companies, mortgage brokers,
movers, and shipping container suppliers, from our list of
Affiliates and Links.

Wherever a new job or transfer takes you, use a specialist

We make it easier for you to select the right agent because we research all agents before highlighting them on our site.
If you are searching for
property in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean or Europe start with
a highly qualified real estate agent and / or travel agent with the area(s) of expertise (specialties) you prefer.

Promark Preferred lists specialist agents who have
non-resident property buyer experience and are knowledgeable on
property searches, Visa requirements and solving Visa issues, identifying any tax ramifications, transferring funds, property
insurance, registering Title, closing costs, providing advice and guidance as it relates to a relocation or property investment.

Specialist real estate agents in our Preferred Agent Directory (P.A.D.) are listed by country first, then by city, and then
by each agent's defined geographical service area. We check for their years of experience and prefer agents known for providing Five Star Service which includes being:
Helpful, Responsive, Personable, Knowledgeable and Professional.

Promark Preferred also combines two major industries, the global travel industry and the international real estate industry,
to offer
The Best of Both Worlds
which includes our P.A.D. and G.I.T.A. Directory as well as sites like Promark Hotels.
Promark Hotels Global is a customized website that searches and compares over 650,000 hotels from around the world.

Foreign property buyers that plan on buying in the USA need to select an experienced specialist agent (use our P.A.D.)
well-versed on the entire buying process, closing costs, international relocations, FIRPTA, and foreign property investments.

FIRPTA refers to the
Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980. This ruling authorizes the United States to
withhold income tax when property is sold, exchanged, gifted, liquidated or transferred by a foreigner. The Internal
Revenue Service takes ten percent of the proceeds and the state government will also take a percentage.

If you do not see the area, city, country or specialist agent you need listed yet in our Preferred Agent Directory you can
use Priority Connect which is our Free 24 Hour Quick Response Service and we will find the specialist agent you prefer.





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