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Costa Rica

FEATURED COUNTRY: COSTA RICA                                     
Type of property listed: Resort Development                                       

COSTA RICA - FEATURED DEVELOPMENT                          

Location: Costa Rica                                                      

Type of Property: Resort Development                                       

Properties for Sale: Resort Units and Homes                              

Prices: Contact Developer Direct (Form Below)                          

Listing ID Number: CR111401                                        

Outside Agents Needed: Yes                                                       

Where Sought: Worldwide                                                           

Referral Commissions: Yes                                                          

For More Information: Contact Developer Direct                         

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ABOUT THE AREA                                                                   
General Information:                                                                                 

There are many advantages to buying property in Costa Rica whether you are an investor, a retiree or simply want a tropical location for your vacation property. Foreigners are attracted to the low costs associated with buying property in Costa Rica. A tropical climate and a long list of things to do make for the perfect location to buy a property. Once you've been to Costa Rica you will understand why so many people want to live here.

Here are some of the many reasons more foreign property buyers are choosing Costa Rica. 1) A safe country. 2) Buyers market. 3) Growing tourism. 4) Minimal taxes 5) Optional permanent residency. 6) Tropical weather. 7) Beaches, fishing and water sports. 8) Great food. 9) Lots of outdoor activities. 10) Low property prices.

Real estate prices are currently down and it's the right time to buy property in Costa Rica. The tourism rate is
up and growing at about 8% each year. A new major international airport is planned in Orotina with an opening
date scheduled for 2025, the scale of which will compete with the hub of Central America in Panama. Foreign
property buyers who invest over $200,00 are granted temporary residency. After three years they can opt for
permanent residency or citizenship. Whether it's in the rainforest or by the best beaches, Costa Rica has it all.

The perfect location for a tropical investment:                                      

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Enquiries welcome from agents, brokers, home buyers and investors: 

Got questions? Contact the Property Developer's office / sales team or the Developer's designated agent(s)
"directly" regarding this property listing by completing the "Property Information Request Form" show below.


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