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Attract international real estate agents, property buyers and investors:  

Promark Preferred is a "specialists only" international network focused on marketing real estate professionals.
We have No high-pressure sales calls, No account setup fees, No monthly fees, No hidden fees and there are
No referral fees to our company. We offer low cost 12 month or 24 month full page property listings on our site.

Along with our head office team, consisting of experienced real estate marketing professionals, we also employ International Marketing Coordinators: CanAm Marketing Coordinators (Canada and USA), MCAC Marketing
(Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean) and Euro Marketing Coordinators (Europe).

Your property will receive a full page listing on our site and will be seen by real estate agents, potential property
buyers and investors worldwide. We will create your property listing page and it will include some of your listing
details, photos, etc. from the information shown on your website. We will omit specific information such as the
developer's name, the property name, the address, prices, terms, etc. We do this so you will be contacted for
more information about the property listing on a "direct basis" through our Property Information Request Form.  

We give each property listing a "listing ID number" so you can gauge the interest being generated from our site.
When potential property buyers, investors or agents want more information about your listing they can contact
you "direct" by emailing the Property Information Request Form shown on your listing page located on our site.
This form will be linked to the email address you provided and is emailed "directly to" the Property Developer's
office / sales team or to the Property Developer's designated agent(s) who can then follow-up to the enquiry.

Your listing page will be seen by thousands of visitors including agents:  

All developer listings include: leads / referrals generated through our Promark Preferred site
and the
Promark Preferred Daily site, our Promark Hotels site and through our international
Affiliate websites, as well as through our social media platforms. Property listing enquiries will
be sent direct to the developer's office or to their designated agent(s) through the
listing page.

All developer listings include: direct enquiries to you from local, national and international real
estate agents.
Promark Preferred reviews thousands of real estate agent websites worldwide
in our search for agents with foreign property investor experience and relocation experience. These agents can contact you "directly" from the listing ID number on your
property listing.

All developer listings include: a Geo Targeted Kickstart Package which will deliver thousands of
real visitors "directly to" your
listing page on our website, not bots, spam or paid to click traffic.
They are specifically interested in real estate and come from a global network of websites and
domain names. A range of databases are searched for those matching a specific set of criteria.

Geo targeted visitors are selected from databases that are categorized as being real estate related. The visitors
to your listing page located on our site will be real people and are unique visitors. This type of website traffic is
filtered to be unique every 24 hours and will be delivered at a rate of 10,000 visitors per 30 or 60 days directly
to the property developer's listing page on our site.

The property developer decides if the geo targeted visitors sent to their listing page on our site come from:
1) Canada or 2) the USA or 3) the UK or 4) Worldwide. You select the area on our order form shown below.

Our 12 month - IPD Listing includes a Geo Targeted Kickstart 60K Package that will send 60,000 visitors
directly to the property developer's listing page located on our site throughout 180 or 360 days.

Our 24 month - IPD Listing includes a Geo Targeted Kickstart 120K Package that will send 120,000 visitors
directly to the property developer's listing page located on our site throughout 360 or 720 days.

Results Guarantee

Our 12 month - IPD (International Property Developer) Listing includes a Results Guarantee:
We guarantee you will get at least 2 sales within the
first 12 months of being listed on our site
or we will extend your listing
for an additional six months free of charge.

Our 24 month - IPD (International Property Developer) Listing includes a Results Guarantee:
We guarantee you will get at least 4 sales within the
first 24 months of being listed on our site
or we will extend your listing
for an additional six months free of charge.

Follow these steps for placing your order:                                            

1) Select one of the following IPD listings (International Property Developer) you want to order:

Our 12 month - IPD listing: includes our "Kickstart 60K" Package. Price: $799.00 for 12 months.

Our 24 month - IPD listing: includes our "Kickstart 120K" Package. Price: $1,199.00 for 24 months.

2) Decide if you want "Kickstart" visitors to come from: 1) Canada or 2) the USA or 3) the UK or 4) Worldwide.

3) Now enter all required information on the Listing Order Form shown below and click the "Submit" button.

4) After we receive the completed order form we will send you a PayPal invoice for payment. We will let you
know when we receive your payment from PayPal.

5) You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for your order. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover,
or American Express to pay for your order "through PayPal" which is recognized as a safe and secure site.

6) Enter our email address on PayPal when paying for your order which can be either of the following: or you can enter

7) We will review your order and condense the property listing information you currently have on your website.

8) We will then create your property listing page on our site and email you to let you know when it's completed.
You can email us with any changes you want us to make.
All changes are subject to our approval. We reserve
the right to edit your text for content and length for your listing.
Please read our "Policies" page for listing terms.

9) Your Profile Listing will be active on our site within approximately seven business days of receipt of the
completed order form and your payment.

10) All communication is by email. We are not a call center. We are an international "email-response-based"
marketing company located in British Columbia, Canada - about a two hour drive from Seattle, Washington.
Our goal is to create successful long term business relationships with the best property developers worldwide.


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