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Dominican Republic

Type of property listed: Resort Development                                       


Location: Punta Cana                                                     

Type of Property: Resort Development                                       

Properties for Sale: Resort Units and Homes                              

Prices: Contact Developer Direct (Form Below)                          

Listing ID Number: DR111301                                        

Outside Agents Needed: Yes                                                       

Where Sought: Worldwide                                                           

Referral Commissions: Yes                                                          

For More Information: Contact Developer Direct                         

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ABOUT THE AREA                                                                   
General Information:                                                                                 

There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of property in the Dominican Republic. Non-residents and
residents have the same rights and obligations. One of the first steps is to hire a real estate lawyer. In most
cases a 10% deposit is required to reserve the property and take it off the market. The lawyer you choose will conduct the process of due diligence. This involves doing a title search, overseeing the survey, and obtaining
specific documents from the seller, including a photocopy of the title. After this has been done and the buyer
is satisfied with the supplied information, the buyer can proceed to make payments of the remaining balance.

Payments are usually made by depositing funds to the lawyer's escrow / trust account. When all has been
cleared, the lawyer will then transfer the payment to the seller's account before closing. Here are some of the
documents that must be provided by the seller to begin with the due diligence related to the property purchase.
1) Copy of the Certificate of Title. 2) Copy of the survey of the property. 3) Copy of the seller's ID ("Cedula") or
Passport: if married, including the spouse. 4) Copy of the last property tax receipt; if exempt from property tax,
a copy of certificate of exemption. 5) Copy of the approved construction plans if property is a house.

The notary / lawyer authenticates the "Contract of Sale" signed before him by the buyer and the seller. The
"Contract of Sale" is processed in the Internal Revenue Office where taxes will be paid. After the transfer, the
lawyer will submit the documents to the Title Registry Office where the title will then be changed to bear the
new owner's name. The whole process of registering a property can be completed in about 47 to 52 days.

The perfect location for a tropical investment:                                      

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Enquiries welcome from agents, brokers, home buyers and investors: 

Got questions? Contact the Property Developer's office / sales team or the Developer's designated agent(s)
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