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  • Real Estate Agents in countries other than the USA and Canada read the "Q & A" shown below.
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 All listed real estate agents must have non-resident buyer / relocation experience.
 We only list and profile three real estate agents per geo service area / level.

* City to City Relocations
* Foreign Property Investments
* 2nd Home/Vacation Properties
* Income Rental Properties

* International Relocations
* Canada/USA Home Buyers
* Mexico or Central America
* The Caribbean or Europe

 Marketing: We will differentiate you from your local competition. We promote your
 specialties and experience helping out-of-area / relocation buyers purchase property
 in your area. Many non-local buyers choose an agent based solely on their bio / profile.






   * Foreign Property Investors  * Relocations  * Income Properties  * Retirement Properties  * 2nd Homes  * Vacation Properties  * Expats  * Global Referrals



      Promark Preferred Network Benefits For Agents Outside Canada / USA:

  • Note: We offer seven different Profile Listings (levels) for real estate agents. Each listing is based on the number of
    words (size) you want on your bio / profile on our site and the (marketing) benefits that are included for that listing.
    You can review all seven listings and choose the one you want to order by going to our "All Profile Listings" page.
    The following are some of the marketing benefits we offer:
  • We will only list, profile, promote and refer a maximum of three "specialist" real estate agents per geographical service area / level worldwide in our Preferred Agent Directory. All agents listed in our P.A.D. are from well known national or regional real estate organizations. No other international competitor offers this exclusive opportunity.
  • All real estate agents listed on this site must have non-resident buyer and relocation experience. No exceptions.
    They must be familiar with the applicable, up-to-date non-resident property investment requirements or able to
    provide expert relocation advice and guidance.
    We only list specialists (not properties) in their geographical area.
    Beneficial but not mandatory: Certified International Property Specialist designation (C.I.P.S.) or Resort and
    Second-Home Property Specialist certification (R.S.P.S.)
  • We offer Specialist Branding, Custom Full Page Profile Listings on our Site, Targeted International Marketing,
    More Leads and Referrals, Optional Kickstart Packages, "Travel Accommodation" Incentive Options (for potential national and international clients), "Product and Services" Incentive Options,
    Free Profile Setup and Updates,
    Agent Photo Linking, Affiliate Site Advertising, Announcements on Social Media, Facebook and Twitter Links,
    Our Results Guarantee and More. Best of all - Less competition in your geographical service area.
  • We will create your unique new "non-resident buyer and relocation focused" international profile listing for our
    Promark Preferred website designed to differentiate you from the other real estate agents in your area. The first thing
    an employer says during a job interview is
    tell me about yourself. We want your bio / profile (your new resume) to
    stand out on our site to national and international home buyers (your employers) so you're the one that gets hired!
  • Our targeted marketing includes: Canadian and other international property investors, relocation buyers / companies, associations, businesses, clubs, corporations, mortgage brokers, organizations, professionals, snowbirds and expats.
  • Our ongoing Public Surveys focus on letting people know about our Preferred Agent Profile Listings and our free
    search for specialist real estate agents done nationally and internationally. See
    Public Survey Results.
  • Our Expanded, Featured, Ultimate and Platinum Profile Listings include different size Geo Targeted "Kickstart"
    Packages that will deliver thousands of unique visitors to your new International Profile Listing on our website.
    You decide if you want these visitors to come from: 1) Canada or 2) the USA or 3) the UK or 4) Worldwide.
  • Optional: You can list one or more Incentive Options (ads) which will appear on your L2 or higher Profile Listing page.
    Incentive choices for a full page Profile Listing can include: "Travel Accommodation" Incentive Options (for potential
    national and international clients),
    Product and Services" Incentive Options (for potential home buyers and sellers.)
  • Along with our British Columbia, Canada head office team we also employ international marketing coordinators:
    CanAm Marketing Coordinators (Canada and the USA), MCAC Marketing Coordinators (Mexico, Central America
    and the Caribbean) and Euro Marketing Coordinators (Europe).
  • Receive real estate enquiries from potential buyers and sellers across Canada, the US and International locations.
  • Receive leads and referrals from real estate agents and professionals across Canada, the US and Internationally.
  • No Referral Fees to us for sales initiated on this site. Agents can refer clients to other agents and charge referral fees.
  • No Monthly Fees: Who needs another monthly fee? Real estate professionals already pay too many monthly fees.
  • The Lowest Price: Our affordable prices start at only $199 for a "two year" professional profile listing on our site.
  • Our Guarantee: We guarantee you will get at least 2 to 4 sales or listings before the expiration of your profile listing by being in our Preferred Agent Directory or we will extend your profile listing for an additional 6 months free of charge.
  • Maximize your international exposure with one of our inexpensive professional profile listing levels which will feature: your new bio/profile, accomplishments, specific skills, the area you cover and a link to your property listings.




Q.) Why do home buyers (and other real estate professionals) need a service like Promark Preferred?
The problem for home buyers from a country outside of the USA (or any other country) is deciding on "one" real estate agent to use! The National Association of Realtors says the NAR's membership is at over one million!
There are simply too many real estate agents to choose from! We want to change that. Not enough agents focus on creating a descriptive "online bio/profile" and those that do are lost in a sea of competitors who may not even have one! If you are located thousands of miles away in Canada or overseas and want an experienced US real estate agent who has worked with foreign buyers before how would you choose "one" US agent? Click here to see the results of a recent Canada/USA public survey.

Q.) How do you reduce "the number of Realtors" that I am competing with in my area so I get selected by buyers?
Promark Preferred will only list and promote a maximum of "three" real estate agents per geographical service area and listing level. No other international competitor offers this exclusive opportunity! This gives you a huge advantage! All agents listed on this site were carefully selected (shortlisted) from well known international or regional real estate organizations.

Q.) How does a real estate agent get listed "and" promoted on the Promark Preferred website?
All agents must have worked with foreign property investors or have relocation experience. See "Agent Checklist".
This is what Canadians prefer. Beneficial but not mandatory: Certified International Property Specialist designation (C.I.P.S.),
Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist Certification (R.S.P.S.)

Q.) What type of experience do non-resident buyers / investors  and relocations clients want an agent to have?
They want an internationally experienced real estate professional who can anticipate the concerns of Canadians and other foreign buyers with regards to purchasing property in another country and can provide professional advice and guidance as it pertains to specific non-resident information.

Q.) Who is Promark Preferred, where are you located and what do you do?
Promark Preferred is an international marketing company located in British Columbia. We list "specialist" real estate
agents and create internationally focused Bio/Profile Listings which are featured on the Promark Preferred website and
promoted in Canada and worldwide.The national average of agents who have international clients is only 23%. NAR

Q.) How do you promote specialist real estate agents?
A.) You benefit from our targeted international marketing to Canadian and international associations, businesses, clubs, corporations, organizations, relocation companies, mortgage brokers, snowbirds, expats, ongoing public surveys, as well
as referrals from Canadian and overseas agents.

Q.) Do home buyers searching this website contact me on a direct basis or do they go through you first?
All potential home buyers who are searching this website for an agent that is listed on the Promark Preferred website are asked to contact a preferred real estate agent "directly" for all property enquiries.
Did you know that 88% of home buyers expect a response from their real estate agent within one hour? NAR statistics. Great communication is essential!

Q.) Do potential buyers and sellers who visit your website pay any type of fee to Promark Preferred?
A.) No this is a free service for all potential buyers and sellers who are looking for a preferred real estate professional.

Q.) What is my cost for the advertising and promotion of my new international profile listing on Promark Preferred?
You have your choice of seven different advertising options (based on availability) for your new profile. They start at only
$199 for a two year professional profile listing on our website! Consider what you spend on one print advertisement in your
local area for just one day of advertising to calculate the value of our two years of targeted international marketing.

Q.) Aside from your low two year advertising cost are there any other fees involved?
There are no other fees. There are no set-up fees, monthly fees or hidden fees of any kind and t
here are no referral fees to Promark Preferred for sales initiated on this site. (Agents can refer clients to other agents and charge referral fees.)

Q.) Do you list properties for sale?
No we do not list properties for sale but can link your property listings on your Promark Preferred Bio/Profile Listing.

Q.) Who else can join Promark Preferred and benefit from being listed and promoted?
We are constantly expanding our search for preferred real estate agents across Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and worldwide. Other real estate professionals such as mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, home inspectors, stagers, movers and property management companies are welcome to join our network. You will be listed as one of a maximum of three professionals per service area and listing level for your professional category.



Let Us Help You Get More International Business!

Your Time is Valuable: Do you spend the majority of your time marketing to non-
resident buyers and potential relocation clients?
If not, try us! You will reach more
international buyers for properties in your area, receive leads for second homes
and relocations plus get referrals from foreign agents and other professionals.

Our Guarantee: It’s all about getting more leads and referrals that turn into sales
or listings so here is our guarantee. If you do not get at least 2 to 4 sales or listings
before the expiration of your profile listing by being in our Preferred Agent Directory we will extend your profile listing for an additional 6 months free of charge.



Many international buyers & sellers consider an agent's bio/profile page the
1st or 2nd most important page on an agent website so it needs to stand out!

We focus on differentiating you from the other agents in your area by listing you
as having foreign investor and / or relocation experience in our P.A.D. We then
have you place an "internationally focused" (full page preferred) real estate
profile in our directory that emphasizes this experience and why foreign buyers
should choose you as their agent.
We can list your professional credentials and
bio, your sales and international experience, testimonials, a description of your
service area and local amenities, your business address, photo and links to your
email address, blog and website plus an optional link to your current listings!



The Foreign Investor & Relocation Market is Huge.
Get More Leads & Referrals. Expand "Your" Market!

Just look at the international statistics! Our unique marketing programs target potential clients outside of your geographical service area including those who live in another city or country and want to buy or sell a property in the area you service.

This includes buyers and sellers relocating from one Canadian province to another or from one US state to another or between countries thousands of miles apart.

They could be looking for a home or condo as an investment property, a vacation property, a second home, a future retirement property or an income rental property. Relocations can be for a job opportunity, business, family or retirement reasons.


            We will only list 3 agents per
            service area and listing level.


Reduce the Competition in Your Service Area! 

There are tons of real estate agents in your area looking for the same local business you are. To get more foreign investor and relocation business we will promote your prior experience in these specific areas to potential buyers!

You probably spend a lot of time and money marketing yourself in more or less
the same way as your competition. You need to
expand into the huge foreign
investor and relocation market
located outside of the area you service!

Less Competition is Key: You will not be competing for business against
every other agent in your service area because,
while having 1 or 2 preferred agents per area is acceptable to us, our goal is to only list a maximum of 3 preferred real estate agents per geographical service area and listing level!


       Not all agents have your experience.


Get "Shortlisted" by Us and Selected by More Buyers!

Specific Experience: All listed agents must have worked with non-resident property
buyers before and have experience with relocations to another area, city or country.

Specific Advice: All listed agents must be up-to-date on foreign buyer real estate
requirements and
relocation preferences available in
their geographical area.

Specific Referrals: All listed agents must be able to assist potential (local and foreign)
property buyers or sellers by suggesting referrals to other professional services.

A "Specialists Only" Company: We will only list, profile, market and refer a maximum
of three
specialist real estate agents per geographical service area / level worldwide.




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