Your Getting Started Guide - Q & A

Promark Preferred International Marketing

1) Q. What will I be doing as an International Marketing Coordinator?

     A. You will contact real estate agents who have the experience we require (see
Agent Checklist) and sell them one of
         our seven different "word size" international bio / profile listings which will be featured on our Promark Preferred site.

You will also be able to sell our Geo Targeted Kickstart "Add-on" Packages to real estate agents as well as our
Featured International Property Listings to property developers, and company approved Pro-Ad Business Listings.

2) Q. How did Promark Preferred get started?
     A. We started "Promark Preferred" Global Search Network as a free real estate resource for all property / home buyers
          looking for knowledgeable real estate agents with non-resident property buyer experience and relocation experience.
          We are still free for all potential buyers, sellers and website visitors but have recently changed to a "paid" profile listing
          service, which includes targeted international marketing, for real estate agents who want to be listed on our site.

3) Q. Why will real estate agents prefer to place their bio/profile on your site and be marketed by your company?
     A. Our
core marketing focuses on specialist real estate agents. We make them easier to find, greatly reduce their local
          competition, market them globally and guarantee results. We have no monthly fees, referral fees or profile setup fees.
          Our goal is to have a global network of Canadian, U.S. and International real estate specialists who we "shortlisted"
          (based on our
Agent Checklist requirements) from well known international or regional real estate organizations.

4) Q. Who is your competition and what are your marketing suggestions?
     A. There are lead generation companies, web designers and other marketing companies but no-one in our industry offers
          the Best of Both Worlds (the real estate industry and travel industry) with two "specialist agent" directories on one site.
You can market our seven Specialist Profile Listings and other product categories by phone, email, and by using your
          social media preferences: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogs, etc.
5) Q. Who is best suited to being an International Marketing Coordinator for Promark Preferred?
     A. You are self-motivated, able to work independently and plan your own work week.
You are focused on achieving results
          and can adjust your marketing accordingly.
We want you to treat this job opportunity as if it is your own business.

6) Q. Will I have to sign a sales agreement with Promark Preferred?
     A. Yes, you will be required to sign our sales agreement which has an easy-out termination clause. This enables either
          party (you or us) to terminate the sales agreement for any reason with twenty-four hours written (email) notice.

7) Q. Q. How does my Personal Order Identifier (Promo Code Order Identifiers) work?
     A. Your company assigned "Personal Order Identifier" must be placed on our applicable "Order Form" at the time any
         order is placed with Promark Preferred. This includes an order that is reordered after it has expired.
Promark Preferred
         reserves the right to accept or reject any order and to determine if a commission is
applicable and due in respect to any
         sale. This applies to any and all of our product categories.
It is your responsibility to advise whoever is placing an order
         with Promark Preferred that it is necessary to
enter your "Personal Order Identifier" in the "Promo Code" area where
         indicated on the applicable Order Form.
Review Special Offers and Promo Codes

8) Q. Selling to agents in local real estate companies versus to agents in national or international companies:
     A. Real estate agents in small local real estate companies usually "struggle to be found" based on name recognition while
         agents in larger national or international companies "struggle to stand out" from all of the other agents in their company.

9) Q. How many International Marketing Coordinators will you be hiring?
     A. We will only hire a select number of International Marketing Coordinators who, in our opinion, are being productive
         and helping us to expand our brand. We would like to maintain a minimum of three or four:
CanAm, MCAC and Euro
         Marketing Coordinators based on the extensive international marketplace. We strongly believe in quality over quantity.

10) Q. What if I happen to contact the same real estate agent as another Marketing Coordinator?
       A. The real estate agent that you contact can place an order with any Marketing Coordinator they want. As long as your
            personal promo code order identifier is applied by the agent when the order is placed you will be credited for the sale.

11) Q. What is the amount of commission paid to an International Marketing Coordinator and how is it calculated?     
       A. Commissions are based on thirty percent (30%) of the total amount of each company approved sale made by you
           and apply to the following
sales: Profile Listings to real estate agents, Geo Targeted Kickstart "Add-on" Packages,
Featured International Property Listings, and our Pro-Ad Business Listings. Review the links shown below and go

           to our
Commissions Review Page to see the applicable commission examples for each product category.

       A. Selling any of our seven Specialist Profile Listings to real estate agents. (30% Commission & Perf. Bonus Applies)

       A. Selling any of our Geo Targeted Kickstart "Add-on" Packages - for listings. (30% Commission & Perf. Bonus Applies)

       A. Selling our Featured International Property Listings to property developers. (30% Commission & Perf. Bonus Applies)
       A. Selling our Pro-Ad Business Listing Packages - Display ads to businesses. (30% Commission & Perf. Bonus Applies)

       A. Commissions are not applicable to hotel bookings made on Promark Hotels. (No Commission or Performance Bonus)

12) Q. How are the additional Performance Bonuses calculated?
A.The 30% Commission and Performance Bonus of 6% to 10% apply to sales of Profile Listings to real estate agents,
          Geo Targeted Kickstart "Add-on" Packages,
Featured International Property Listings, and Pro-Ad Business Listings.

          Total sales will be combined and must be company approved to apply.
Review these Performance Bonus examples:

      1) Based on your total yearly commission earnings of $50,000 to $59,999 over twelve consecutive months will be an
          additional "six percent" commission. i.e. This would be $3,000 on $50,000 worth of commission earnings.

      2) Based on your total yearly commission earnings of $60,000 to $69,999 over twelve consecutive months will be an
          additional "seven percent" commission. i.e. This would be $4,200 on $60,000 worth of commission earnings.

      3) Based on your total yearly commission earnings of $70,000 to $99,999 over twelve consecutive months will be an
additional "eight percent" commission. i.e. This would be $5,600 on $70,000 worth of commission earnings.

      4) Based on your total yearly commission earnings of $100,000 or more over twelve consecutive months will be an
          additional "ten percent" commission. i.e. This would be $10,000 on $100,000 worth of commission earnings.

13) Q. What will my employment status be if I am hired by Promark Preferred?
A. You will be hired as an independent contractor and are responsible for your own expenses including having your own
            international calling plan, taxes and all other business expenses associated with being an independent contractor.

14) Q. What information should I review on the Promark Preferred website?
A. Review everything including our Results Guarantee. Know the differences between our seven Profile Listing Levels
  and their corresponding Profile Listing "Order Forms" which are shown below each profile listing level heading.

15) Q. How do I find real estate agents and who else can I contact to be listed by Promark Preferred?
A. We will suggest multiple ways for you to find real estate agents in any country.
A great way to begin your marketing
           campaigns is by contacting experienced real estate agents that you, your family, friends and business associates
           have used in the past and would use again in the future. You may also want to start by contacting real estate agents
           in areas or cities where you would like to live, visit or vacation around the world.
Mortgage brokers, immigration
           lawyers, real estate lawyers, home inspectors, movers and other real estate professionals in any country can also
           be listed as one of three professionals per geographical service area and listing level for their professional category.
16) Q. Can I contact prospects worldwide and what countries will you include in your Preferred Agent Directory?
       A. Yes, you can contact prospects in any country. We currently list six geographical areas on our website which include
            Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. We will add more countries as required.

17) Q. What is my "sales territory limited to" outside of my agreed upon primary market?
       A. You do not have an exclusive or restricted sales territory. You are free to sell our available profile listings worldwide to
            all potential prospects who have the real estate experience we require.

18) Q. How do you determine if I made a sale to a specific real estate agent?
A. Sales verification is required in order for you to receive a commission from us. All of your sales will be identified by
            your company assigned "personal promo code order identifier" which must be shown on a real estate agents
            completed Profile Listing Form at the time they place their order with us. You must instruct the agent to enter this
            code.This will enable us to know that you were responsible for the sale. We reserve the right to accept or reject any
            profile listing order and will decide if a commission to you is applicable and due in respect to any sale.

19) Q. Will I receive a commission after a listing expires and is renewed by a real estate agent?
       A. All Profile Listings must show your company assigned "personal promo code order identifier" on an agent's
Profile Listing Form at the time they place "any" order with us and you must be employed by us at the time.

20) Q. How and when will my sales commission be paid to me?
A. Your commission will be paid to you by PayPal within ten days after we receive the payment for your listing sale from
            the agent for an approved profile listing.

21) Q. What is the preferred way to cover a sales area and find real estate agent prospects?
A. Be systematic and alternate between three or four different real estate companies in one area at one time when you
           are getting your agent "contact list" ready. Example: Start by contacting agents from the "independent" real estate
           companies and then contact agents from the larger agencies like Century 21, KW or Sutton, etc.

22) Q. Can all of the real estate agents be from one real estate company (example Sutton) for one Profile Listing
           Level in one geographical service area?
       A. Yes, but try for a mix of three different companies per profile listing level. The intent is to not have three agents or
            other real estate professionals from "one" company in "one" profile listing level for "one" service area listed in our
            Preferred Agent Directory.

23) Q. What is the best way to keep track of the prospects that I have contacted?
A. We suggest using Excel or a CRM system with the following information:
            Date of Contact: ____________ Prospect's Name: ____________ Email or Phone: ____________
            Service Area: ______________ Company Name: _____________ Address: __________________
            Prospect's Remarks: _____________ Interested: ____ Yes: ____ No:____ Undecided: __________
            Follow-up Required: Yes: ____ When: _____________  No: ____ Notes: _____________________
24) Q. Will I be required to submit my contact list to your head office on a regular basis?
A. No, but be ready to submit it to us or allow access to your contact list if requested. Let us know if there are ever any
            changes in your daily routine that may affect the amount of time that you are able to spend working for our company.

25) Q. What is considered as a real estate agent's geographical service area?
A. This is regarded as the area that the agent normally covers in their territory. It may be listed on their website but it is
            usually a defined area. It is described as the area where they sell or have sold properties or the area where they
            consistently market themselves.

26) Q. How many real estate agents should I contact per day and how much money can I make?
A. You can set a daily or weekly sales target as your personal goal. The amount of money that you can make is based
            on your effort, experience and current market conditions.

27) Q. Who reviews the actual profile listing and does the profile layout for each real estate agent (or other real
           estate professional) for the Promark Preferred website?
A. Each real estate agent is required to complete all of the information requested on the "Profile Listing Form" they
           choose for the Profile Listing they want. After we receive the form we will review it for content, length, spelling, etc.
           and make changes as required. We also have a website form for future listing changes.

28) Q. Can more than one agent or a real estate team "share" one Profile Listing?
A. All profile pictures are for that individual only but he or she will have a link to their website on their profile listing and an
           optional link to their property listings is also available. We regulate the use of all other links in the profile listing. The
           profile description can include the background information for all team members.

29) Q. Can I guarantee a real estate agent that they will be listed in our website directory?
A. No, it is based on area availability and the agent's experience. We reserve the right to make all listing decisions.
           Always check an agent's experience shown on their "About Us" or "Bio/Profile" website page or on "Linkedin" before
           contacting them. We also "prefer" that all agents should have at least two years of real estate experience.

30) Q. Can you hold a specific "area listing space" for an undecided agent that I contact?
A. No, we do not hold listing spaces. They have to complete the appropriate listing form.

31) Q. Will you notify me of any changes that affect prices, listings, policies, etc.?
A. You will be advised of any price changes. It is up to you to routinely check our website for other changes.
           Always check our website for new listings in the areas where you are looking for agents and check our
           "Policies" page for any updates.

32) Q. Do you allow real estate agents to place their property listings on your website?
   A. No, we only place agent profile listings on our Preferred Agent Directory but most of our Profile Listing Levels
           offer a link to an agent's property listings on their website.

33) Q. What Profile Listing Levels offer the best value?
A. Our full page profile listings tell the reader more about the agent. You should promote the advantages of a Level 4,
           L5, L6 or L7 Profile Listing as offering more detailed information to buyers and sellers looking for a specialist agent.

34) Q. Will you offer a refund for a listing after a payment has been received from an agent?
  A. No, all purchases of our profile listings are final once the payment has been received and are non-refundable.
           Listings are not transferable to other real estate agents or parties.

35) Q. Will you accept monthly payments from real estate agents and other real estate professionals instead of just
           one payment for their profile listing?
A. No, we do not accept monthly payments at this time.

36) Q. Can I improvise on the email templates and phone scripts you have provided?
       A. Yes, they are provided as a general sales guide and you can change them if you are able to make them more
           effective without misrepresenting our company.

37) Q. What if a real estate agent asks a question that I am unsure how to answer?
       A.  Advise them to review "
The Real Estate Agent Quick Guide For Benefits and Ordering" page as well as our
            "Policies" page. If they have other questions let them know that you will contact your Head Office and you will
            get back to them with an answer as soon as possible.

38) Q. How do I find real estate agents (and get their email address) that will meet our listing requirements?
       A. Real estate agents in all countries, including Canada and the USA, can be found by going to Google and doing a
            search by entering: Real estate agents located in ___________ (name the city and the country location where you
            want to find real estate agents or prospects). They can also be found on Linkedin.

        A. For real estate agents located in Canada you can go to the following website:
and click on "Find a Realtor" which is located on the top right hand corner of that page.
            Just enter the city Location and the Province and click on Go to find all of the agents for that area.

        A. Real estate agents located in Canada can also be found at these websites:

        A. For real estate agents located in the USA you can go to the following website: 
   and type the city under Area Served and then click Search to
            find all of the agents for that area.

        A. Real estate agents in the USA can also be found at these websites:
    and then enter your agent search criteria                                                 

        A. Another source for locating real estate agent backgrounds and their contact information is on Zillow. To find agents
            in the USA for example, you can search by googling: Zillow, Agents located in Phoenix, Arizona or wherever in the
            USA you are interested in finding suitable real estate agents.
It is an asset if they can speak multiple languages.

        A. For the names of real estate agents in different countries who specialize in luxury real estate and may have the
            experience we require go to: and select a country.
        A. Although this designation is not a requirement, you can find real estate agents with a Certified International Property
            Specialist (C.I.P.S.) designation by going to this link:

        A. For a large "search list" of local and regional independent real estate companies and their agents located in over
            60 countries, including Canada and the USA, go to:

        A. Real estate agents can also be found by entering the location, country and the real estate company name on
            Google. For example: Keller Williams, Sutton, etc.

        A. You can find the local independent real estate companies or the major international real estate companies like
            Century 21, Coldwell Banker, etc. by entering the city name and then "real estate companies" to see what comes
            up on a Google search.

        A. You can go to Google and check for the local "real estate board" in the area you are prospecting to find a list of real
            estate agents and their phone numbers or you can Google "real estate companies" in each area you have mapped
            out to search.

         A. Another way to research agents before contacting them (and to get their email address if it is not shown) is to send
            an enquiry in your own name on an agent's "Contact Us" form on their site's contact page or their company's site.
            Visit our Finding Agent Email Addresses and Sending Emails page for more information.

39) Q. How do I qualify real estate agents to determine if they meet company requirements?
       A. You need to search for the agents who have international buyer / foreign property investor or relocation experience.
           Check their website "Bio" or their "About Us" page or "Profile" page or ask them if they have this specific experience.
           Their Bio may appear on their real estate company's website, on Linkedin or by Googling the real estate agent's name.

       A. Check if they have relocated from another country or city which gives them personal first-hand non-resident relocation
           experience. Check if they have sold property to foreign buyers or they
welcome enquiries from international buyers.

       A. They could be listed on Linkedin and have "Investment Properties" or "Relocations" shown in the area where "Skills"
           are listed on their Linkedin page. Try searching for any real estate designations that indicate professional experience.

       A. Real estate agents with a minimum of two years or more of real estate experience are preferred.

       A. Professional real estate designations such as a C.I.P.S. designation or R.S.P.S. designation are preferred.

       A. Check for testimonials, on their website or Linkedin, to see if any are from international buyers or property investors.
            This will indicate that
they have sold properties to buyers from other countries and have international experience.

       A. Do they speak "multiple" languages: i.e. French, Spanish, German, Chinese, etc. This may be a buyer's preference.
           This is not a requirement but would be considered a strong asset when factoring in their international buyer appeal.

      A. Look for real estate agents that are from another city or country as they have been through the relocation process or
           may be foreign property investors. They should be familiar with applicable non-resident property buyer requirements.

       A. A real estate agent is required to have their own real estate website or an "About Us" page, "Bio" or "Profile" page on
           their real estate company's website or be on Linkedin. Look for any mention of their international buyer experience.

       A. Search a real estate agent's social media for an indication of what they specialize in doing or want to expand into.
           We prefer agents that use Twitter and Facebook as they may be more interested in non-resident property buyers.

Check to see if they have advertise online or have a Blog where they discuss helping non-resident property buyers.

       A. We prefer not to list real estate agents from "discount real estate companies" or from other "low commission real
           estate companies" on our website, however if they have the right experience they can purchase a profile listing.

       A. Look for agents from local or "independent" real estate companies as they will probably be interested in expanding
           their name recognition
internationally. Always try to contact a balanced mix of men and women real estate agents.

       A. You can contact any real estate agent by email or phone to determine if they have non-resident buyer experience and
            to ask if they would like a new international profile listing on our site that brands them as a
non-resident specialist.

40) Q. What if I have more questions or need additional information?

       A. Go
to the Head Office Communication and Support page for contact details.

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