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Where is your Head Office located, what are your office hours and how should I contact you if I have a question?

Our Head Office is based in British Columbia, Canada and our office hours
are nine to five, seven days a week.
We are an international marketing
company answering numerous real estate enquiries from many time zones.
For those reasons all communication with our company to you, real estate
agents and other professionals will be by
email. We try to answer all emails
as soon as possible and ask our International Marketing Coordinators to do
the same. If you need an urgent response we will prioritize your email.

Alan - Founder / President, Promark Preferred
Al - Support / International Marketing Manager
Richard - Support / Profile Marketing Specialist
Sara - Support / Business Development Specialist
Taylor - Support / Referrals & Surveys Specialist
Ryan - Support / Corporate Relocations Specialist
Erin - Support / Multimedia Marketing Specialist
Jeremy - IT Web Support
Laura - IT Web Support

Should I advise real estate agents and other professionals to contact you if they ask me a question I can't answer?

No, let them know that you will contact your Head Office and you will
get back to them with an answer to their question as soon as possible.
Note: When you email
us you will be connected to one of our designated International Marketing Coordinator Support Professionals who will email
you back, usually within 24 hours or less. Communication and Support:
promark4sales@gmail.com or email promarkpreferred@gmail.com

What is the best way to begin my marketing campaigns and
what type of marketing should I use to be more successful?

Start by reviewing our Getting Started - Q & A page. This will give you a good overview of your marketing options. The types of marketing to use
are up to you. You can do email or phone
campaigns as well as ads,
articles, blogging, or social media marketing.
It's whatever you are
comfortable doing and produces the best results for

You decide your work schedule and when to do your marketing follow-ups.
Work 8 hours a week or every day.
Set a reasonable weekly or monthly
sales target. Above all stay in touch with us and get
into a productive
marketing routine by planning each week ahead of time.

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