Extra Bonus for the Ultimate L6 Profile Listing

L6 Extra Bonus:

As an Extra Bonus this Profile Listing will allow an additional 400 words for your separate full page L6 listing.
This enables you to use up to 2,400 words for your separate full page L6 Profile Listing (on our site) which will
be linked to your City Page Profile Listing (on our site) instead of the 2,000 word maximum currently shown for
the Ultimate L6 Profile Listing. This limited time offer is subject to change at any time.


View the optional Special Offer examples on the right
that you can extend to potential clients on a full page
Ultimate L6 Profile Listing:

Adding Team Members:

The L6 and L7 Profile Listings are the only listings that let you
list and profile your team members on "your" Profile Listing.
View the "Meet the Team" Profile layout shown on the right.

You can include one team member for free and add more
team members for an incredibly low price per person.
All of your team members must be individuals who are
currently shown on your personal real estate website as
actual members of your team. Please note that the add-on
pricing is for the listing term shown below "not" per month:

Cost per T.M. for an L6 - 24 Month Add-on: $179 for 24 months.
Cost per T.M. for an L6 - 36 Month Add-on: $239 for 36 months.
Cost per T.M. for an L6 - 48 Month Add-on: $279 for 48 months.






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