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Thank you for your interest in exchanging links with the PROMARK PREFERRED Global Search Network. We welcome link
exchange requests from businesses, industry related companies and directories.
We will review all link exchange requests.
(If you are an experienced real estate agent complete our
Accounts form and order one of our International Profile Listings.)

Place any of our three link options shown below on your site prior to submitting your link information:


Title: PROMARK PREFERRED Global Search Network

Promark Preferred is an International "Specialists Only" Real Estate Agent Directory.
We List, Market and Refer Specialist Agents Worldwide and are Hiring
Online Marketing Coordinators.

Website URL:

Title: PROMARK PREFERRED Global Search Network

Website Description: Promark Preferred will only list, profile, market and refer "specialist" real estate agents in
our free to use Preferred Agent Directory. Agents "must" have foreign property investor or relocation experience
and we only list a maximum of "three" per geographical service area and listing level worldwide. Agents needed:
Visit our "Comparing Us" page. International Marketing Coordinators needed: Visit our "Job Opportunities" page.

Website URL:

Optional: Place this "linked image" anywhere on your website prior to submitting your link information.

The next step is to complete and submit the Link Exchange Request Form shown below. We reserve the right to
edit your site title and description.
Check to make sure your link information appears correctly on our "Links" page.
Please note that submitting your link to us does not guarantee that your link will be placed in our Links Directory.




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