Our Listing Extension Agreement

Our Listing Extensions Agreement - Terms and Conditions Explained


1) Promark Preferred will add an extra three months "free of charge" to your existing travel agent contact listing on our site (you must have an active travel agent contact listing on our site to qualify) for every travel agent that you refer to us who "purchases" an Advantage Listing, or Professional Listing, or Preferred Listing.

2) The travel agent you refer to Promark Preferred who purchases one of the three travel agent contact listings shown above will also receive an additional three "free" months added to the term of the agent contact listing they order.

3) You can refer interested travel agents to us who are located in any area or city in any country worldwide.

4) Your name and the following Promo Code must accompany any order we receive from the travel agent you refer "at the time an order is placed by them" in order for you and that travel agent to be eligible to receive a free three month listing extension to their travel agent contact listing on our site. Promo Code: GITA LE90

5) There is no limit to the number of travel agents you can refer to our company and receive free three month extensions to your existing listing on our site.

6) All travel agents that are referred to Promark Preferred by you must be approved by our company in order for them to purchase one of our three travel agent contact listings and have it displayed on our site.

7) We will extend your current listing on our site by three additional months "after" we have received full payment from the travel agent you referred to us for one of our three travel agent contact listings. Any contact listings that are cancelled by a travel agent after being ordered will result in the three month extension being denied.

8) Travel agents not approved by Promark Preferred, for any reason, will result in you not receiving a three month extension to your existing listing on our site.

9) Applicable to new contact listing orders only, not applicable to re-orders by a travel agent who is ordering another contact listing after it has expired.

10) Review our Privacy Policy and Usage Policy shown on our site's "Policies" page. This Listing Extension Program Agreement is subject to change at any time.






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