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FEATURED COUNTRY: MEXICO                                             
Type of property listed: Resort Development                                       

MEXICO - FEATURED DEVELOPMENT                                  

Location: Merida, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun                

Type of Property: Resort Development                                       

Properties for Sale: Resort Units / Apartments                            

Prices: Contact Developer Direct (Form Below)                          

Listing ID Number: MX111401                                        

Outside Agents Needed: Yes                                                       

Where Sought: Worldwide                                                           

Referral Commissions: Yes                                                          

For More Information: Contact Developer Direct                         

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ABOUT THE AREA                                                                   
General Information:                                                                                 

Buying property in Mexico as a foreigner will require you to use a notary to draw up a sale contract. You will
need to look into how you will hold the title. If it's in a restricted zone the title will be held by a Mexican bank
in the form of a fideicomiso. If you are located outside of the restricted zone you will hold the title in your own
name. Have all of your contracts drawn up in English or use a translator to do so. Make sure you thoroughly
read your "regimen de condominio" which outlines the owner's rights and restrictions as well as obligations.

You can get a mortgage by going to any major Mexican bank or by applying for one in your home country. You
do not need to be a Mexican resident or even have a visa to buy property in Mexico. If you need a fideicomiso
to make your purchase, you will find a variety of options including local Mexican banks as well as many of the
larger international banks that are situated in Mexico who will help you get a trust. You will have to shop around
for the best rates when it comes to currency exchange rates and associated fees when you are ready to buy.

There are taxes and fees that will be applicable to your property purchase regardless of where in Mexico you decide to buy an apartment or your next home. You can expect to pay Agency / Agent fees, Notary / Lawyer fees, Acquisition Tax, a Registration Fee and Title Insurance. The real estate process for property purchases
in Mexico is straightforward after you have set up a bank trust. Mexico offers many well-priced and luxurious living options for all buyers,
whether you prefer a beautiful beachfront villa or a modern urban apartment.

The perfect location for your tropical investment:                                

Coming Soon

Enquiries welcome from agents, brokers, home buyers, and investors: 

Got questions? Contact the Property Developer's office / sales team or the Developer's designated agent(s)
"directly" regarding this property listing by completing the "Property Information Request Form" show below.


Property Information Request

Enquiry ID# MX111401


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