Personalizing Your Emails for a Higher Response Rate


Personalized Emails
Personalized Subject Lines

Optional: Email Personalization is a marketing add-on that you can include in any of your email marketing campaigns.

Personalizing Emails: You can personalize the first or second paragraph on any email marketing template or other emails.

Template Choices:
Review our Email Marketing Campaign Templates, our Email Marketing Campaign Follow-up Templates
and Sending Other Emails option.


Many companies have been slow to take up email personalization but the traditional batch-and-blast tactics will likely get your emails ignored or deleted. The goal of personalization is to create emails that feel as if they are being sent specifically from one individual to another. Your emails should be written and designed for an audience of one.

Email marketing personalization is about approaching the creation of an email so it does not appear to be a "bulk" mailing.
It needs to be specifically created for each person receiving it. The subject line needs to be effective and the opening email
paragraphs need to be personalized or
factual. The following applies to agent selection and most real estate transactions:

"There is no such thing as a bad decision, only a lack of information."

Let each email recipient know you researched their background and experience before deciding to send them an email.

As opposed to the blast approach, email marketing personalization is about one-to-one communication. The more
personalized and less one-size-fits-all you can make your email feel, the more engaging and effective it's going to be.


Personalization involves doing more individualized research and therefore takes longer to do but it will increase your overall
response rate. All of your email recipients should be chosen based on our criteria of specific professional experience.

You can check an agent's experience by going to their
"About Us" page or "Bio" page on their website or on their real estate
company's website. Check their Linkedin or Facebook page to review their experience and testimonials or Google their name
for more sources. Twitter and other social media sources may provide additional experience information you can highlight.

For more ways to find agent background information and their experience go to Getting Started and review item #38 and #39.

Here are our suggestions of "what to look for" when researching real estate agents and "how to personalize" your email
marketing. Copy any of the suggestions shown below (or combine several of them) to use on any of our email templates.


Arrow to Special Offers

1) -  We noticed your International Real Estate Specialist Certification (I.R.E.S.), Certified International Property Specialist Designation (C.I.P.S.) or Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist Certification (R.S.P.S.) and feel this would be an
asset to international buyers looking for an experienced specialist agent on our website.
Read our special offer below.

2) - We noticed that you have lived in another country (or countries) and have first-hand knowledge of what is involved in relocating and buying property as a non-resident which is highly beneficial to non-resident buyers looking to relocate to your
area. A new internationally focused bio / profile listing on our site would emphasize your personal relocation experience. 

3) - We reviewed the client testimonials (shown on your website) and are very impressed by all of the positive comments!
Your relocation experience (or property investment experience) would appeal to international buyers and we would like to create a new profile listing on our site to highlight your experience and market you worldwide. See our special offer below.

4) -  We visited your website and noticed that you speak French (or any other languages). We feel speaking a different
language gives you an edge when it comes to being selected by an international buyer as their preferred real estate specialist. Your experience working with international buyers sets you apart from other agents and is what we are looking for.

5) -  We notice that your "homes for sale" listings include property investments that would appeal to foreign investors. We are
looking to add real estate specialists who have experience working with property investors. We would like you to place a new
bio / profile listing on our site that would focus on your experience selling properties to international buyers.

6) - We visited your site and noticed you have over ten years of real estate experience. Our international "specialists only"
site is marketed to foreign property buyers who want to work with agents familiar with non-resident buyer requirements for
property investments or relocations. If this is one of your specialties you need a new profile listing featured on our site.

7) - We researched your background and noticed that you have corporate relocation experience working with international companies whose employees are relocating to your area. We would like to list a new bio / profile on our website as well as
market and refer you
as a specialist real estate agent to international companies and foreign property buyers.

8) - We visited your website and noticed your company awards for providing outstanding customer service (or other major
industry awards). We are always looking to feature specialist agents on our site who have achieved recognition for excelling
at customer service to local and international buyers.
Read more for information on our special offer.

9) - We visited your website and noticed that you have experience doing relocations to your area. Promark Preferred only
lists, profiles, markets and refers specialist agents. We will focus on getting you more recognition and foreign home buyers
as an experienced international specialist agent.
This email contains a special offer to welcome you to our global network.

10) -  We visited your website and noticed that you that you have the experience foreign property buyers are looking for.
We are a "specialists only" site and would like to list, profile, market and refer you. This email contains a special offer to
welcome you to our global network.

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