Your Phone Sales Script for International Calls


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Marketing Coordinator

"We guarantee that a real estate agent listed with Promark Preferred will get
at least two to four sales or listings."

        Your #1 Source for Specialist Real Estate Agents:
"Relocations, Foreign Property Investors, 2nd Homes & Vacation Properties"

Getting Prepared for your Sales Pitch:

Your first step is to research a real estate agent's background (About Us or Bio) before you call them. This can be found by visiting the agent's website, their company website, Linkedin or by Googling them. Always check Linkedin and search under the agent's Linkedin "Skills" heading to see if they have listed "investment properties" or "relocations" as their skills. You are searching for "specialist" real estate agents with experience in one or both of these areas. For more information on how to find real estate agents go to Getting Started and review item #14, #15, #16, #21, #22, #23, #38 and #39.

2017 Global Market Updates:
Real Estate Market Updates (auto-updated) for all Countries. Read the Global Property Guide

Although it's not a requirement,
look for agents living in another country who have a Canadian or expat background as they have firsthand experience going through the process of buying property abroad. Once you have your agent contact list prepared for a specific area or areas you are ready to start making calls to sell our six International Profile Listings.

Always try to up-sell to a Level 5, Level 6 or Level 7 Profile Listing since those Profile Listings offer the most agent benefits
and the largest commissions. If they are interested in a Level 1 Profile Listing you should try to convince them to go with a
Level 2 or higher "full page" Profile Listing. Explain the international marketing benefits and advantages of having a more
descriptive "full page" specialist agent bio/profile on our site that will "stand out" to foreign home buyers and sellers.

Important: You can change the Special Offer shown in your phone sales script to any one of our "Special Offers" that are
currently available. Click on the image below for more information.

                                                  Your Sales Pitch - The Opening:

"Hello, is this (real estate agent's name)?" "Hi, this is (your name) with Promark Preferred in (name your city) calling."
"How are you doing today?" "How is business in (name their area or city)?"
"Let me tell you why I'm calling."

"I researched you online and noticed that you have (name the number of years) of real estate experience and your skills include (investment properties and / or relocations)." "We're looking for an agent in your city that specializes in those areas." 

"Would you be interested in doing more business with Americans, Canadians and other foreign home buyers?"

"We help international buyers who want to purchase a property in another country connect with "specialist" real estate agents who have foreign property investor experience or relocation experience."

"Our head office is located in British Columbia, Canada and we have many years of marketing experience." "No other international real estate marketing company offers what we do."

Select three or more "check" points below to continue your Sales Pitch:

Most foreign home buyers and property investors want a specialist agent who is able to provide advice and guidance as it pertains to non-resident information. They will select a foreign real estate agent online
based solely on the agent's bio/profile and their international experience is extremely important to them.

The other problem foreign buyers from other countries have is deciding on "one" real estate agent to use. There are simply too many agents to choose from and foreign buyers prefer to work with an international specialist agent when it comes to purchasing a 2nd home, vacation property or relocating to another country.

With millions of people placing their bio/profiles on Linkedin we offer a more focused alternative for buyers in another city or country looking for a specialist agent to work with. Our goal is to be the #1 source for specialist agents for family and business relocations, foreign property investors, 2nd homes and vacation properties.

We will only list, profile, promote and refer a maximum of "three" specialist real estate agents per geographical service area / level worldwide in our Preferred Agent Directory. All of these agents are carefully
"shortlisted" from well known national or regional real estate organizations based on their experience.

We specialize. All of the real estate agents listed on our website "must" have foreign investor or relocation experience. They must be familiar with the applicable, up-to-date non-resident property investment requirements or able to provide expert relocation advice and guidance. We do not list properties.
We only list and market real estate agents that are specialists in their geographical area.
"Compare Us"

We will create a unique new "foreign investor and / or relocation focused" international profile listing
for our Promark Preferred website designed to differentiate you from the other real estate agents in your area.
We want your specialist bio/profile to "stand out" on our website to national and international home buyers.

Public Surveys done across Canada indicate that most Canadians considering a home purchase in another country would prefer to use an agent with international experience and select their foreign real estate agent based solely on their bio/profile. They want advice and guidance as it pertains to non-resident information.

Our targeted international marketing includes potential Canadian and other international property investors, relocation buyers / companies, associations, businesses, clubs, corporations, mortgage brokers, organizations, professionals, snowbirds and expats.  

Most of our International Profile Listings (5 out of 7)  include different size Geo Targeted "Kickstart"
that will deliver thousands of visitors to your new Profile Listing on our site. These are real visitors,
not bots, spam or paid to click traffic. They are specifically interested in real estate and come from a huge
global network of websites and domain names. These are unique visitors. This traffic is filtered to be unique
every 24 hours and delivered to your Profile Listing on our site at a rate of 10,000 visitors over 30 or 60 days.
You decide if you want these visitors to come from: 1) Canada or 2) the USA or 3) the UK or 4) Worldwide.

We guarantee you will get at least 2 to 4 sales or listings before the expiration of your profile listing by being
in our Preferred Agent Directory or we will extend your profile listing for an additional 6 months free of charge.
Here is how our
"Results Guarantee" works for the profile listing you choose.

We offer seven size different International Profile Listings starting at only $199 for a basic two year listing.
They are all searchable on our website by country and city and are designed to differentiate you from the
other real estate agents in your service area and appeal to foreign property investors and relocation buyers.

There are no monthly fees, no setup fees, no hidden fees or referral fees to Promark Preferred. This is a
free service to all potential home buyers and sellers.
Six of our seven International Profile Listings come
with a results guarantee and one is a non-expiring listing.
All seven of our Profile Listings include targeted
international marketing and benefits that are specific to each listing level.

                                                    Your Sales Pitch - The Close:

"We highly recommend selecting one of our full page international Profile Listings. Let me describe the benefits associated with each of our seven different Profile Listings so you can decide which one you would prefer to have placed on our site."
"You can go to the
"All Profile Listings" page of our site @ to review the Profile Listing choices."

* After you have discussed the seven Profile Listings with the agent ask if they would like to order a Profile Listing:

"Do you want to order a Profile Listing and be the preferred international "specialist" agent for: (say the name of their area)?"


1) If they answer yes respond by saying, "That's great!" "Your next step is to choose the Profile Listing you want and to complete and submit the order form." "The link for the order form is located at the top of each Profile Listing description where it says, "Click here to complete a Level _______ Profile Listing."

"Please make sure you put the following Promo Code at the bottom of the listing order form when you submit it to our office: _________ (Your Personal Promo Code Order Identifier). "This will guarantee that you will get the lowest possible sale price for the next 30 days even if the prices change."
"This Special Offer will expire in 30 days." "After the completed listing order form is received by our office you will be sent a PayPal invoice for payment." "PayPal is a safe and secure site that accepts all major credit cards." "Welcome to Promark Preferred!"


2) If they are undecided respond by saying, "I would like to give you some time to review the seven Profile Listings."
"Please also check out the following links on our website:"

Buyer Survey Results - To see what Canadians are telling us about selecting an agent in another country.
Agent Sign-up Information - To read the reviews from real estate Brokers, Realtors and home buyers.
Comparing Our Company - To see what we offer that other companies don't.

"I will call you (or email you) in 2 or 3 days to see if you have any more questions." "How does that sound?"
"Great!" "Thank you for taking the time to listen to my offer."


3) If they say no or do not want a call back, you can immediately offer them the "Special Offer" shown on:

Your Phone Sales Script Follow-ups and / or you can remind them about how to place an order on our website and
let them know that you will guarantee any listed sale price for the next 30 days if they:


Always be polite and always thank them for their time, then move on to the next specialist prospect on your contact list.


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       "Promark Preferred is an overdue concept for the

                   International Real Estate Industry!"




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