Phone Sales Script to Travel Agents


Marketing by phone

"Our site features skilled specialist
travel agents and real estate agents to offer, "The Best of Both Worlds."

      Your Phone Script for Sales Calls to Travel Agents

Getting Prepared for your Sales Pitch:

Your first step is to review the listings we are offering to travel agents so you can accurately describe each one to the agent
you have contacted.
Step two is to prepare a travel agent contact list. Step three is marketing. Once you have your travel
agent contact list prepared
for a specific area or areas you are ready to start making calls to sell our Travel Agent Listings.

Always try to up-sell the travel agent to a Kickstart Listing or a Preferred Listing. Those are the only two listings that include
a Geo Targeted Kickstart Package. They also offer more travel agent benefits and will pay the largest commissions to you.
Remember we offer 24, 36 and 48 month listings with no monthly fees or referral fees for each of our travel agent listings.

Take the time to discuss the benefits of our Geo Targeted Kickstart "Add-on" Packages for Travel Agents and let them know these "Add-on" Packages can be purchased at the time they order a Kickstart Listing or a Preferred Listing or at anytime in
the future. If a travel agent wants to stand out from other travel agents they need to have a "Specialist Branded" listing.

Important: At any point during your phone conversation you can describe our different Special Offers to the travel agent.
Advise the agent that your personal Promo Code Order Identifier must be shown on their order to receive the Special Offer.
Review the Special Offers that are "currently available" for you to offer to agents by clicking on the image shown below.

                                                 Your Sales Pitch - The Opening:

"Hello, is this (travel agent's name)?"

"Hi, this is (your name) with Promark Preferred in (name your city) calling."

"How are you doing today?"

"Let me tell you why I'm calling."

"We are looking for a specialist travel agent in your area."

"Promark Preferred is a BC based international marketing company that is merging specialist travel agents in the Global Travel Industry and specialist real estate agents in the Global Real Estate Industry into a "Specialists Only" Network that we refer to as, The Best of Both Worlds."

"No other company we are aware of is doing what we do."

"We want travel agents and real estate agents to work together through mutually beneficial referrals."

"Travel agents can benefit from enquiries and referrals made to them by real estate agents and brokers, as well as by other
professionals and their spheres of influence as a result of being listed in our travel agent directory for specialists."

We have created three different "Specialist Branded" travel agent listings for our Global Incentives Travel Agent Directory
we believe you will want to be listed in."

"These listings are open to travel agents in Canada, the USA and other countries."

"We offer a Specialist Listing as well as a Kickstart Listing and our Preferred Listing."

"All of these listings are displayed on our Promark Preferred site and are 24, 36 or 48 month listings with no monthly fees
or referral fees."

"Our Travel Agent Network Site features home-based travel agents who specialize in different areas of the global travel
industry and work for independent local, national, or international travel companies."

"We will enter your listing on our site by your area location, starting with Country, etc. and then we will highlight your
Destination Specialties and Travel Category Specialties."

"We are looking for specialist travel agents who are familiar with specific geographical areas and can offer personalized priority service."

"A "Specialist Branded" travel agent listing with help you to stand out out from other agents in your area."

                                                 Your Sales Pitch - The Close:

"We are currently offering a free one year Specialist Listing as a limited-time introductory offer."

"It will be displayed in our Global Incentives Travel Agent Directory on our Promark Preferred site."

"There is no catch and you are not under any obligation to buy anything from our company."

"You can go to our "Travel Agents Needed" page of our site @ to review your listing choices."

"Let me describe the benefits associated with each of our three different Specialist Branded Profile Listings and I'll also tell
you about the introductory "
Special Offers" I can offer you!" Then you can decide which one you would like on our site."

* After you have discussed the three listings with the travel agent ask if they would like to place an order:

"Do you want to order a listing that features your specialties and includes marketing?"


1) If they answer yes respond by saying, "That's great!"

"Your next step is to choose the listing you want and then complete and submit the order form."

"You can order a listing directly from the "Travel Agents Needed" page shown on our site.

"Please enter one of my "Special Offer Promo Codes" at the bottom of the listing order form when you submit it."

"This will guarantee that you will receive the Special Offer we discussed."

"After the completed listing order form is received by our office you will be sent a PayPal invoice for payment."

"PayPal is a safe and secure site that accepts all major credit cards."

"Welcome to Promark Preferred!"


2) If they are undecided respond by saying, "I would like to give you some time to review our different listings."

"Please check out the following links on our website:"

About Us - This page will tell you more about our company and how we market travel agents and real estate agents.

Specialist Travel Agents - Review the specialist agent advantages of being in our Global Incentives Travel Agent Directory.

Travel Agents Needed - Review our three Travel Agent Listings, our Marketing Benefits, and our Business Referral Program.

"I will call you (or email you) in 2 or 3 days to see if you have any more questions."

"How does that sound?"

"Great!" "Thank you for taking the time to listen to my offer."


3) If they say no or do not want a call back respond by saying, "I appreciate your time."

"If you decide to order a listing at a later time can order directly from the "Travel Agents Needed" page shown on our site.

"I just want to remind you that the "Special Offers" we discussed are only available for the next 30 days."

"Please enter one of my "Special Offer Promo Codes" at the bottom of the listing order form when you submit it."

"Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions."

"Thank-you for your time."

Always be polite and thank them for their time,
then move on to the next agent on your contact list.


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