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Our Privacy Policy

The Promark Preferred Global Search Network will not sell or trade any names from their mailing list to any other company or
individual. Email addresses obtained by our company will only be used for our own company marketing programs. Anyone
not wanting us to use their email address may have it removed from our marketing program upon written notification to us in
the form of an email or letter advising us of their request.


Our Time Frame Requirement for Listing Placements

The approximate time required to add a new real estate professional to our directory is within 7 business days from receipt of payment provided all necessary information and an approved picture for the listing are supplied at the time of payment. We
reserve the right to use the photo of you as shown on your real estate companies website until you provide a different photo.


Listing Text Editing

We will edit the listing text you submit to us to ensure that it will fit the allocated listing space and contains appropriate language.


Our Listing Layout Policy 

All listings are entered by country, province, state and city or by distinct area. All listings are then entered alphabetically
based on an individual's last name or by a business name to determine the order in which they will appear on the page they
are placed on. We reserve the right to change the listing order for new or existing listings at any time. Featured and Ultimate
Listings will always be placed at the top of any listing page above "other listings" or "listing levels" and will be alphabetically
entered by name.


Our Listing Renewal Policy

Billings for hosting a listing on our website are done on an annual basis unless otherwise stated and are not on an auto-renew system. We accept payment through PayPal including all major credit cards.


Listing Expiration

Reminder notices will be emailed to you approximately 30 days before your listing expires. Please ensure that your payment
for a renewal is received on or before the expiration of your listing.



Pricing for all orders received from outside of Canada will be in US dollars.

Geographical Service Areas

The geographical service area listed for each real estate professional on this website describes the approximate territory
where business is generally conducted by that person. It is meant to be interpreted as a guide only and we acknowledge
that anyone can conduct business where they choose and therefore we cannot in any way guarantee territory exclusivity.

We reserve the right to approximate the geographical service area for all profile listings that are shown on this website
no specific personal service area is listed on a real estate professional's own website.


 Our Listing Definitions

We will only allow a maximum of three preferred real estate agents or other real estate professionals per geographical
service area and listing level to be listed on our site.
Our seven different listing levels are Level 1: Bronze Basic L1 Profile
Listing, Level 2: Silver Plus L2 Profile Listing, Level 3: Gold Expanded L3 Profile Listing, Level 4: 
Gold Expanded L4 Profile
Listing, Level 5:
Featured L5 Profile Listing, Level 6: Ultimate L6 Profile Listing and Level 7: Platinum L7 Profile Listing.
Other real estate professionals and categories which may be listed in our directory can include but are not limited to the
following: mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, home inspectors, movers, property management companies and most
real estate related industry professionals.


Our Content Waiver & Listings Information

The Promark Preferred Global Search Network does not assume any responsibility or guarantee the information, products or
services provided on this website as individual experiences may vary. We do not verify the licensing or legal requirements for
individuals or businesses shown on our website or have knowledge of any outstanding or pending legal claims against
anyone or any business listed on this website. Anyone using the information, products or services shown on this website for
any reason does so after doing their own due diligence and at their own risk.
The Promark Preferred Global Search Network
may refuse any new listing at our discretion or terminate any existing listing for any reason without notice.


Copyright Material Policy

We do not knowingly post any materials on our website that violate copyright laws. If you own the rights to any material shown on this website and do not want it used here send us an email notification and the material in question will be removed immediately.


Time Limited or Special Offers

Unless indicated otherwise, all time limited offers or special offers apply to new
business only.


Our Refund Policy

All purchases of listings are final once your payment has been received and are non-refundable. Listings are not transferable to other agents or parties.





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