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The Importance of Successful Marketing

If you own a business you know how important marketing is to determining your success. You need to start by offering the best possible products or service and have the right price structure to attract potential customers. Ask yourself the usual business questions and double check your competition. If they have been around for many years you know they have developed a winning formula. Make sure your prices are reasonable in relation to the quality you are offering. Customer service should always be a high priority. Never underestimate how important each and every customer is and your reputation will grow with your company.

Your company website should be easy to navigate and give people a reason to keep coming back. If you have original custom made products or offer a unique service you already have a marketing edge because you should have less competition in your business category. This may all sound easy enough but unless you have a great marketing plan you may get off to a rocky start.

It's important to always offer more value than your competitors. If you have a service based business you need to offer the best guarantee in your industry. Consider the individual needs of your potential customers and focus on their goals and expectations. Offer them more choices with better options and give them crystal clear reasons why you deserve their business over any of your competitors. If your company is product based make sure your products are hard to find anywhere else and are priced to sell. Most people prefer personalized service and want to know that they are receiving value and / or expertise for their money.

You can't have a website and not use social media to promote your business. Getting connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, to name but a few, will get more traffic to your site and create more sales opportunities. Twitter records over 500 million tweets a day and their fastest growing demographic is people 55 to 64 years of age. Develop a routine for your social media marketing and make it a part of your overall plan to get the word out about your business.

Promark Preferred will only list, profile and promote a maximum of "three" real estate agents per geographical service area and profile listing level. No other company that we are aware of offers this exclusive arrangement. To be listed on our website all real estate agents "must have" worked with foreign property investors before or have relocation experience. No exceptions.

We will then create a new "foreign buyer focused" Bio/Profile Listing based on your real estate background that we will promote across Canada and to International home buyers. (See "Network Benefits" listed at the bottom of this page.) When a real estate agent becomes a part of our network they are also featured in our P.A.D. as a free service to all potential buyers and sellers worldwide. Agents do not pay monthly fees or referral fees to Promark Preferred for sales initiated on this website.

The key to success in marketing any business is diversification. Expand your brand by working with other great companies and individuals who share your vision for success. Marketing is a focused numbers game. Use whatever resources you can to reach as many potential customers as possible. Expand into different markets and let what you have to offer stand out in a crowd!