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Introducing our Canada Wide and International Pro-Ad Packages

  • Pro-Ad Packages are different from our seven International Profile Listings which are primarily for real estate agents
    looking for more non-resident buyer / relocation business or foreign property investor business.
  • Our Pro-Ad Packages are for businesses, companies and professionals who want to reach more potential new clients.
    i.e. Developers, Insurance Companies, Property Investment Companies, Law Firms, Lenders, Mortgage Companies,
    Movers, Property Management Companies, Relocation Companies, Rental Companies, Storage Companies, etc.
  • A Pro-Ad promotes a business through sales ads on our website and on our social media. Pro-Ads include their logo
    or photo (banner display) and up to twenty words about their business. We determine the photo pixel width
    and height.

  • We suggest marketing our Pro-Ad Packages by email or phone campaigns, through social media, ads, or on your blog.
  • Let all of your potential customers know that we have no monthly fees, no referral fees, no set-up fees or hidden fees.  
  • Your sales and compensation will be determined through our Promark Preferred international tracking system so make
    sure your company issued personal "promo code order identifier" appears in all of your ads and marketing choices.
    i.e. For priority service use promo code: _______.
  • The compensation structure is the same (thirty percent commission) as for your International Profile Listing orders. Performance bonuses (of eight percent to twenty percent commission) will also apply to Pro-Ad Package sales.

  •  We reserve the right to refuse any Pro-Ads that we deem to be inappropriate or not relevant to our business and
     website visitors.
    To review our Canada Wide and International Pro-Ad Packages click on this link.

Orders and Payment

  • To place an order for a Pro-Ad Package the customer needs to select one of the Pro-Ad Package options shown on the
    order form at the bottom of our
    Pro-Ad Packages page. Your promo code order identifier must be entered on the order form when an order is placed for you to receive a commission.
  • Alternatively, a customer can order a Pro-Ad Package by emailing us their order or by contacting you as a result of your
    marketing. Your promo code order identifier must be shown on any order we receive for you to receive a commission.
  • We accept payment through PayPal including all major credit cards.

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