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Too Many Agents Makes the Selection Process Difficult!

Whether the housing market is stabilizing or not, it seems pretty clear
that there are still too many people in the USA, Canada and in other
countries trying to make a living selling houses.

If you are thousands of miles away in another city or country and
need a knowledgeable real estate agent that specializes in foreign
property investors or
relocations where would you start and how would you choose that "one" agent? The real estate industry is over
saturated with real estate agents worldwide. Public surveys indicate
that most home buyers, especially
non-resident property buyers,
would prefer to work with an experienced specialist real estate agent.

Couple searching for a real estate agent
There are over "one hundred thousand" real estate agents in Canada
according to the
Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)
and well
"one million" real estate agents in the USA according to the
National Association of Realtors (NAR).
Mexico, Central America,
the Caribbean and Europe collectively have "hundreds of thousands"
of real estate agents. Some are part time agents and hold other jobs.

All of the agents approved by us "must have foreign property investor
experience or relocation experience" to be listed by our company and
e will only list "a maximum of three" agents per their geographical
service area / level worldwide.
We also do free searches to locate
specialist agents
in any country who are not yet listed on this site.

Choosing the right agent is difficult
Picking One Real Estate Agent Can Be Difficult!

We research thousands of agents and their websites so you don't have to. Today's buyers and sellers are turning away
from the MLS and going with specialist real estate agents "shortlisted" by Promark Preferred.
Choosing the right agent
can make all the difference in the world. Read our international Agent Checklist and our Reviews and Testimonials.

We have combined two major industries, the global travel industry and the international real estate industry, to offer you
The Best of Both Worlds which includes Promark Preferred and Promark Hotels.
We are constantly expanding our
Global Search Network including
Affiliates Network to offer more comparison based options and services.

Although this survey was done across Canada, similar preferences would also apply to home buyers located across the
USA and many other countries. These buyers want a specialist real estate agent with non-resident buyer experience
and will do online comparison shopping to find the right professional. We are a free to use "Specialists Only" network.

                                         PUBLIC SURVEY RESULTS:


Promark Preferred conducts public surveys of Canadians picked at random and asks 4 questions about how they would choose a real estate agent in the USA or another country if they were considering buying property abroad.
*Here are the questions and answers from survey #CA198-17:

Q.) If you were ready to travel to the USA or another country to view properties and hopefully make a purchase how would you choose a real estate agent to use for showings and to prepare an offer on the property you want to buy?

1) Would you check them out online before you left Canada? (i.e. websites / listings / experience / bio / profile searches)
2) Would you try to get a referral from a reliable source? (i.e. friends, relatives or website reviews / testimonials)
3) Would you find a real estate agent to use when you are in the country where you want to buy a property?

A.) 71% said by checking out agents online - (i.e. websites / listings / experience / bio / profile searches)
      26% said by trying to getting a referral from a reliable source - (i.e. friends, relatives or website reviews / testimonials)
        3% said by finding a real estate agent to use when they are in the country where they want to buy a property.

Q.) How many foreign real estate agents would you prefer to work with in finding your ideal property when you arrived in the country where you want to buy a property and why?

1) One foreign real estate agent.
2) One to three foreign real estate agents.
3) More than three foreign real estate agents.

A.) 63% said one foreign real estate agent because they preferred to work with just one agent.
      33% said one to three foreign agents. In case they didn't like their 1st choice for whatever reason.
         4% said more than three foreign real estate agents. They didn't care how many were involved.

Q.) As a non-resident buying property in another country, how important is it that the foreign real estate agent
you decide to work with has prior experience with foreign property investors or relocations in regards to
advice, guidance, knowledge, useful tips and referrals to other professionals and services?

1) A must have.
2) Preferred.
3) Don't care.

A.) 76% said it was a must have.
      22% said it was preferred.
        2% said they didn't care.

Q.) Do you think a website for foreigners who want to buy property in another country would be more helpful if it
only listed three
agents per geographical service area / level and all of the listed real estate agents were required
to meet our agent checklist which includes having foreign property investor experience and relocation experience?

1) Yes.
2) Probably.
3) Don't care.

A.) 67% said yes.
29% said probably.
        4% said they didn't care.

* These are the results from a survey of Canadians who were picked at random. Our company accepts no liability for the
   accuracy of this survey or any other survey as results may vary based on demographics and other determining factors.




Martin Desjardins, Montreal,
Quebec, Canada
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