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Why use Promark Preferred to find the "right" real estate agent?
If you were buying or selling a home would you use just any available lawyer?
No, you would hire a "real estate" lawyer because that's what they specialize in.
If you wanted a log home built would you use just any builder? No, you would
hire a reputable builder that "specializes" in constructing well built log homes.

It's the same way with real estate agents. We find, list, profile, market and
refer real estate professionals with foreign property investment experience or
relocation experience.
This is a free consumer service from Promark Preferred.
Buyers and Sellers: See
Buyer F.A.Q.  Experienced Agents: See Signup Info.

Property Investments

A detailed business bio / profile for an agent or any professional is their resume.
You need to find a "specialist" agent
who understands investment properties,
including future resell capabilities, or has experience as a relocation specialist.
Always review a real estate agent's bio / profile, testimonials and specialties.
The selection process is important whether it's in another area, city or country.
Choose a specialist agent from our P.A.D. (Preferred Agent Directory) and other
professionals from our chosen list of Worldwide
Affiliates and Preferred Links.

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          "Promark Preferred is an overdue concept for the

                      International Real Estate Industry!"



We are a Canadian company that locates "specialist" agents with foreign property investor experience
or relocation experience across Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean or Europe!



We research thousands of real estate agents and focus on determining their specialties, experience, reviewing their bio, professional accreditations, listings, testimonials and locating agent reviews!



We will only list, profile, promote and refer "a maximum of three" real estate agents per geographical service area / level worldwide! All agents are from international or regional real estate organizations! 



We specialize! All of the preferred real estate agents that we list, profile, promote and refer "must" have foreign property investor experience and / or relocation experience! Read: Buyer Surveys



The #1 Source! No other competitor in the "international real estate industry" does what we do!
(Home Buyers read: Buyer F.A.Q.) (Real Estate Agents read: Agent F.A.Q. and Profile Choices)



Get the right experience! Google finds 2 out of 3 house hunters research "agents" online. We only list "specialist" Agent Profiles so you can concentrate on the property you want, not the agent you need!



This is a "free service" for all potential buyers and sellers who are looking for a preferred real estate agent anywhere in the world! If an agent isn't listed for an area on this website use Priority Connect.





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