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Social Media for Business

Socail Media Marketing / Landing Pages

Marketing Options include Article Writing, Blogging,
Free Ads, Landing Pages and Social Media Platforms:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

  • You can do social media marketing under your existing social media account names or by creating new accounts in
    your own name or in other names for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your Blog or other social media sites.
  • Example: You could create social media accounts with names like: "City2City", "4HomeHunters", "PropertyTips", "CityChoices" or "BuyingAbroad" that real estate agents, home buyers and sellers would be interested in following.
  • Your sales and compensation will be determined through our Promark Preferred international tracking system so make sure your company issued personal "promo code order identifier" appears in all of your ads and marketing choices.
    i.e. For priority service use promo code: _______.
  • Your marketing can promote our International Profile Listings for real estate agents, our Featured International Property Listings for property developers, our Pro-Ads for businesses or professionals as well as our Kickstart Package Add-ons.
  • We will provide our company designed Landing Pages (upon request) that you can access and use for social media marketing. These Landing Pages will include your promo code order identifier and a reply form to your email address.
  • You can also create your own Landing Pages using our Promark Preferred company logo and website pictures.
  • Our social media Landing Pages are designed for agent prospects as well as for home buyers or sellers who are looking for an agent in another area or city with non-resident property buyer experience and relocation experience.
  • Example: You can also "Direct Message" any of your followers (real estate agents and potential home buyers or sellers) thanking them for following you and include a link to one of your company designed Landing Pages.
  • Obtain even more enquiries by placing free ads under different classifications on Craigslist, Kijiji  and other ad sites.
  • Choose your social media marketing preferences by reviewing high growth platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
  • See an example of a Landing Page to Real Estate Agents that will be personalized for you as an International Marketing Coordinator (your name, title, address and a contact form that is directed to your email address).
  • You can change the Special Offer shown in your marketing to any one of our "Special Offers" that are currently available. Click on the image below for more information.

Promark Preferred Agent Benefits

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