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We want you to feel that marketing us to the real estate industry is the right fit for you. When you succeed we succeed!

There are many different ways that you can use to find experienced real estate agents. Smaller independent real estate companies employ less agents than the major national or international real estate companies and their agents may be looking for ways to get more business from outside of their local area. Real estate agents who are with the larger national or international real estate companies may feel that they do not stand out from all of the other agents in their company.

We do not want you to be overwhelmed by the amount of information we are providing. Start by reviewing the Pro Marketing System links shown at the bottom of this page. The four most important pages to become completely familiar with are:

Getting Started - Q & A

The information on our Getting Started - Q & A page will provide you with marketing tips as well as how and where to find the answers to the most common questions.  

2) Profile Listing Choices & Forms

It is "extremely important" that you review the information on all of the links shown on our Profile Listing Choices & Forms.
You need to know the marketing advantages of upgrading to each of the 7 different Profile Listing Levels that we offer.
Go over all of the order form links and become familiar with the differences between each of the 7 different profile levels.

Our Pro-Ad Packages

Our new Pro-Ad Packages offer the same commission structure as our 7 different Profile Listings so keep them in mind as another marketing option you can use to increase your sales.

4) Head Office Communication and Support

Contact our Head Office Communication and Support if you have any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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