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All agents must have foreign investor or relocation experience!
We only list and profile three agents per service area / level for:

* City to City Relocations
* Foreign Property Investments
* 2nd Home/Vacation Properties
* Income Rental Properties

* International Relocations
* Canada/USA Home Buyers
* Mexico or Central America
* The Caribbean or Europe

  Market Focus: We will differentiate you from your local competition by emphasizing your
  past experience helping Canadians, foreign property investors and / or relocation home buyers.
  Many international buyers choose an agent
based solely on the content of their bio/profile.


               Job Opportunities with Promark Preferred:


EURO Sales Coordinator - (Phone Sales)

Your Primary Market: Preferred Real Estate Agents in Europe.
Your Secondary Market: Preferred Real Estate Agents / Professionals Worldwide.

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Whether it's an area to area, city to city, or country to country relocation, or foreign property investment, finding and selecting the right real estate professionals with the right experience from too many choices miles away hasn't been easy until now.


How We Started

We started Promark Preferred as a free real estate resource for Canadians and overseas buyers looking for knowledgeable real estate agents that have foreign property investor experience or relocation experience. We now have hundreds of preferred real estate professionals located across Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe that are available through Priority Connect which is our free 24 hour quick response service.

We recently added a paid service that offers a choice of 7 different international bio / profile listing levels that we will create and display on our website for a preferred real estate agent which includes targeted international marketing. We need your help to make us the #1 source to find preferred real estate agents with foreign investor or relocation experience worldwide.


  • You must have prior phone sales experience preferably in the real estate industry.
  • Internet based business to business advertising sales experience is preferred.
  • You must have excellent English and great people skills, polite with a clear speaking voice.
  • Ability to speak confidently one on one with real estate agents and other professionals is required.
  • Real estate knowledge or previous experience as a real estate agent is considered an asset.
  • You must be well organized, computer literate and able to do extensive internet searches.
  • You must be self-motivated and productive with excellent time management skills.


  • You will search for and select preferred real estate agents based on their previous foreign property investor experience
    (experience with income properties or investment properties can qualify) or based on their local, national or international relocation experience.
    We will suggest ways to find the right real estate agents and how to determine their experience.
  • You will be responsible for developing and implementing your own systematic area by area and city by city phone sales campaigns. We will supply you with company approved sales scripts that you can adjust to your different prospects.
  • You will systematically phone real estate agents across Canada and the USA (your primary market) to sell them one of
    our seven profile listings for placement on "our" website. You may also phone prospects in your secondary market
    which is real estate agents / professionals worldwide; including Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.
  • You will explain our different Profile Listing choices and answer questions during your phone calls to real estate agents.
  • You will be required to keep records of who you have contacted and be ready to submit them to our office upon request.
  • You can also create your own phone scripts to use but they must be company approved before being implemented.
  • You will follow our company's criteria for placing a follow-up phone call to real estate agents who have expressed an interest. You can use our existing follow-up phone script or create your own company approved follow-up phone script.
  • All interested real estate agents that you contact are required to complete and send us one of the Profile Listing Forms that are shown on the "All Profile Listings" page on our website. (Located under "Agent Sign-up" above)
  • You must tell the real estate agents you contact to use the "promo code order identifier" we will give you. It must be shown on a preferred real estate agents completed Profile Listing Form at the time they place their order with us. This will enable us to know that you were responsible for a specific Profile Listing sale.
  • After our office receives the Profile Listing Form we will create the profile listing for our website. You do not create the profile listing. We will invoice the real estate agent and advise the agent when their listing is active on our website.


  • This is a commission based opportunity that pays 30% of the value of each Profile Listing sold.
    Commissions are based on sales of Profile Listings that you sell to preferred real estate agents.

    There are over 30,000 incorporated towns and cities in the USA alone. (Larger cities = more agent service areas)
    Our seven different Profile Listing Levels at 3 agents per listing level x 7 levels = 21 agents per agent service area.

  • Compensation example: (Note: Results will vary based upon effort, experience and market conditions)
    Monthly sales commission example: Based on 5 sales@ $99= $148.50, 5 sales@ $178= $267.00,
    2 sales@ $169= $101.40, 2 sales@ $248= $148.80, 12 sales@ $499= $1,796.40, 4 sales@ $1,439= $1,726.80
    Total monthly commission earned based on this example = $4,188.90 per month x 12 months = $50,266.80 per year.
  • Special Bonuses:
    Performance bonuses
    (under review) may be applicable based on your sales results.
  • This is a flexible work at home opportunity:
    You can set your own schedule and work when and where you want.

  • You will be hired as an independent contractor and are responsible for your own expenses,
    including having your own international calling plan, taxes and other business requirements
    associated with being an independent contractor.

     Order Identifiers (to track your sales) and Communication

  • You will be assigned your own email business account and your own personal promo code order identifier.
  • All of your sales will be identified by our company assigned "personal promo code order identifier" which must be
    shown on a preferred real estate agents completed Profile Listing Form at the time they place their order with us.
    This will enable us to know that you were responsible for a specific Profile Listing sale.
  • We will supply you with a multi-page company introduction and a detailed Q & A upon acceptance.
  • All ongoing communication with our company by you and other professionals will be by email only.

      How to Apply

  • Interested applicants please send your cover letter and resume to:
    Place the job title that you are applying for in the subject area of the email.
    Tell us why you would be an asset to our international growth.
    Only eligible applicants will be contacted.


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