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Hawaii Luxury Real Estate
1 North Kaniku Drive
Kohala Coast, The Big Island HI, 96743

Office: 808-557-5321
Fax: 808-887-7174
Mobile: 808-557-5321

Specialty: Luxury Real Estate, Relocations

Region Covered: Kohala Coast,
The Big Island, Hawaii

Years of Experience: 13+

Accreditation: CNE
Worldclass Real Estate Professional




 Korby Matsen, Preferred Kohala Coast Real Estate Agent / Broker

 He was born and raised in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada and moved to Austin, Texas in
 1999 during a corporate merger in the semiconductor distribution industry.

 Having been an active Real Estate Investor since 2003, he decided that in 2007, after 20 years in
distribution, he would take the passion and experience he gained as an investor
 and turn it into a full time career in Real Estate Sales.

 Since then, Korby has helped many clients fulfill dreams of home ownership, as well as helping
 others to sell their homes and move on to new stages in their lives.

 After many trips to Hawaii over the years, Korby decided to combine his love for Hawaii with his
 passion for real estate, and in 2014 made the permanent move from Texas to the Big Island of Hawaii.

 His time as a real estate investor and in sales have given him an understanding of his client's needs
 and expectations, expertise with the whole home buying process, as well as knowledge of real estate
 business cycles, both nationally and locally.

 His clients have called him professional, patient and knowledgeable, and he looks forward to using
 those skills to make your real estate dream come true.

 Foreign Investor and Relocation Experience

 As a Canadian who has lived in Texas and Hawaii, my relocation experience is first-hand.

 My time as a real estate investor and in sales gives me an understanding of my client's needs and

 I am an experienced Kohala Coast real estate expert offering trust, skill and local knowledge.

 For more information please visit my website, read my Testimonials and contact me at your


 About the Kohala Coast and the surrounding areas

 Whether it is a vacation home, a luxury estate, or an income producing vacation rental property,
 the Kohala Coast has it all.

 When you visit my website, take some time to read my real estate Blog for market updates and to
 find out what's happening on the Kohala Coast.

 Let me help you find the home you want on the Big Island of Hawaii.



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