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Texas offers large open spaces and a diverse selection of great places to live. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has over 6.5 million residents in the
combined metro area.
With 5.9 million residents in the greater Houston metro area, Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S.A. and is much
greener than most Texas cities.
The two main cities in the Texas Panhandle, which is in the northern most part of the state, are Amarillo and
The Piney Woods region includes the area between Dallas and the Louisiana border. It is comprised of mostly coniferous forests.
Tyler, Longview and Lufkin are a few of the main cities in this area. 

The state capital of Texas is Austin which is the fourth largest city. Austin is known as Silicon Hill for its high tech industry. The second largest city
in Texas is San Antonio and it is the seventh largest in the U.S.A. with 1.4 million residents. San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the
United States. It is steeped in southwestern history and is the site of the Alamo. Big Bend Country is located in the western corner of Texas. The
main city in this area is El Paso which is part of the El Paso Juarez metro area across the Rio Grande and US-Mexico border. Sandwiched
between San Antonio and the Gulf Coast are the South Texas Plains. The main city in this region is Laredo which is across the Rio Grande
from Nuevo Laredo in Mexico.

To be a preferred real estate professional in Texas we require prior experience with property buyers/sellers from Canada or other countries as well
as with Americans buying or selling property located in the United States. Promark Preferred finds, lists, profiles, markets and refers Texas real
estate agents with foreign property investor experience or relocation experience for home buyers and sellers worldwide.

Finding a friendly, down-to-earth real estate agent who is knowledgeable about property investing in a foreign country or relocating to another area
isn't just helpful, it's essential. It starts with great communication. All preferred real estate professionals respond to real estate enquiries quickly and
fully, not with just a yes or no answer when more information is required, and not just in their initial contact but throughout your entire home buying
or selling process.

Choosing "the right real estate agent" in your own city or in a different area from where you currently live can be difficult, stressful and time consuming.
In many large areas and cities you may have to select one real estate agent to represent you from hundreds or even thousands of possible choices.

We make it easy to find the right real estate professional by only allowing a maximum of 3 preferred real estate agents per geographical area and
listing level to be in our free directory and they must have worked with foreign buyers before or have experience with relocations to another area
or city. If an area real estate professional isn't listed yet on our site use Priority Connect which is our free 24 hour quick response service.

Start your search the preferred way with Promark Preferred and a carefully selected real estate professional with the preferred experience you need.



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