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Client Testimonials are worth their weight in Gold!
Showcase them in a new Profile Listing on our Site!

Best of all, they are free for the asking. We believe client testimonials are the number one way to build your credibility with
prospective clients and yet very few real estate professionals use them. The popularity of sites like Yelp and Angie's List,
to name but a few, attest to the consumer's desire for knowledge of who they will be choosing to trust and work with.

We have reviewed thousands of agent websites and many do not use client testimonials or have an effective About Us page
on their site. Consumers are clamoring for real estate agent reviews and just not finding them. Testimonials are one of the
most underused and powerful marketing tools an agent can utilize. We recommend agents use them in their International
Profile Listing on our site as one more major marketing advantage over other agents in their geographic service area.

Any time is the right time to begin obtaining client testimonials. You can start by asking them to describe the experience they
had working with you and how you compared to agents they used or interviewed in the past. Let them know that you are
looking for feedback or call it a survey.
It can be after your client has sold or purchased a home but your request can be
timed to whenever you are comfortable asking for a testimonial.
Try for specific information by asking questions like:
  • How did you find out about me?
  • Were you happy with my performance?
  • How would you describe your overall experience?
  • What impressed you the most about the process and my service?
  • What stood out about the whole experience you had buying/selling a house with me as your agent?
  • Would you recommend working with me to your friends, family and associates? If so, what would you tell them?

How many Testimonials should I have on my new Profile?

As many as possible! The power and effectiveness of client reviews cannot be overstated. Nothing is more important
than establishing trust and credibility as soon as possible. On average, happy customers tell nine people about their
experiences with an agent or company. When it comes to converting prospects, testimonials should be considered
the heart of your new international profile listing.

Many agents make the mistake of placing their testimonials (if they have any) on a dedicated web page, leaving it up
to the prospect to navigate to them.
That content needs to be in front of prospects immediately. We strongly believe
your testimonials should be one of the first things someone sees when they visit your new
Profile Listing on our site.

Our Clients Say It Best

Business reviews, endorsements & press releases work!

Business reviews, endorsements and press releases are important! They all reflect your trustworthiness and reputation to
potential clients but, according to studies, over 80 percent of people trust reviews above any other type of advertising or
marketing. This places reviews as second only to direct word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family members.

Business reviews (and endorsements) are not only posted on external websites, like Trip Advisor or Yelp, but can be listed
alongside your testimonials for maximum effect.
Showcasing reviews from businesses, organizations, relocation companies,
as well as press releases can make the difference between a client choosing you or another agent. These are all incredibly
important tools when marketing to new clients and getting them should form a major part of your client acquisition process.

We suggest placing our "agent approved" image shown below on your website and linking it to:
This "agent approved" image can be resized and remain on any page of your website while your Profile Listing is on our site.

Place this text on your site's "Testimonials" page for
as long as your Profile Listing is shown on our site:

Agent Approved by Promark Preferred.
The "Specialists Only" Network.
International Real Estate.


         "Promark Preferred is an overdue concept for the

                      International Real Estate Industry!"


We are a Canadian company that locates "specialist" agents with foreign property investor experience
or relocation experience across Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean or Europe!


We research thousands of real estate agents and focus on determining their specialties, experience, reviewing their bio, professional accreditations, listings, testimonials and locating agent reviews!


We will only list, profile, promote and refer "a maximum of three" real estate agents per geographical service area / level worldwide! All agents are from international or regional real estate organizations!


We specialize! All of the preferred real estate agents that we list, profile, promote and refer "must" have foreign property investor experience and / or relocation experience! Read: About Us

The #1 Source! No other competitor in the "international real estate industry" does what we do!
(Home Buyers read: Buyer F.A.Q.) (Real Estate Agents read:
Agent F.A.Q. and Profile Choices)

Get the right experience! Google finds 2 out of 3 house hunters research "agents" online. We only list "specialist" Agent Profiles so you can concentrate on the property you want, not the agent you need!


This is a "free service" for all potential buyers and sellers who are looking for a preferred real estate agent anywhere in the world! If an agent isn't listed for an area on this website use Priority Connect.

Martin Desjardins, Montreal,
Quebec, Canada
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